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Sadly at this point the only honest answer I can give to that question is "it depends on who sees us doing it"

When I started out on Steemit (as @sift666) I thought I had discovered blogging nirvana. So many amazing people, so many great posts, and in 2016 I actually averaged $19.50 a post, without bots. Flagging was almost unheard of in 2016.

Next I discovered cryptos, and went on to make a truckload of money in 2017. Back then I believed both cryptos and Steemit were the future. For probably the one and only time in my life, I was a believer.

In 2017 on Steemit, every man with a small penis and his horny dog was going on about Lambos. I didn't say much because I didn't want to be a wet blanket, but I actually think Lambos are a total rip off and a bit ugly too. If I really wanted an automotive massive penis I'd buy an F-type Jag. Much cheaper and much better looking. Ironically at the end of 2017 I could have purchased one from my crypto gains. And now it would still be worth about half what it was worth at the end of 2017. Unlike the fucking cryptos I held on to which are worth less than 10%.

Slowly as 2018 progressed, I woke up to some things I'd been ignoring. Like accounts we can't name doing stuff that I can only describe as "dodgy as fuck". Later it dawned on me that all the money I made on cryptos came from the two that I didn't trust an inch. I bought them to make profits, held them for just long enough, and then breathed a sigh of relief and dumped the fucking things before they crashed.

Ripple I bought full well knowing it was utter bullshit and happily sold half every time it made a big gain. When I finally ditched the bloody things I was jumping for joy!

Bitcoin was a bit different - at the start of 2017 I was a Bitcoin believer, but by the end of 2017 I thought it was the biggest crypto scam of the lot. And I was pretty damn happy to dump those things as well. Selling those for top dollar I felt like a scam artist myself. As things worked out, the timing couldn't have been better.

Now I'd say the key thing to trading cryptos is to do it knowing full well they are a giant scam, make some profits, but be sure to ditch them before the next big price drop. If I'm lucky enough to get the chance again, I'll be fully taking profits on the way up, and bailing out at the drop of a hat. "Hodling" is for suckers.

With all my other crypto "investments" (gambles) including Steem, I had a misguided belief in them, and that is why I got reamed. Key lesson - cryptos are like any other investment - ride any up trends but be contrarian.

I'll stop here after just touching on this Steemit related subject that is on my mind. Safe to say there are one or two others, but I'd probably better not go there. When this shit starts to wind me up I can walk down to Evan's Bay and stare at the boats, which works a lot better than dwelling on how totally suckered I just got.




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who sees us doing it lol, fuck me the whole world whether you realise it or NOT.

Great link!

I'm not even going to quote that here because I suspect it might draw some unwelcome attention from nasty little bots with sniffy noses and big wallets...

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Double LOL:

“Bitcoin has changed quite a bit over the last few years and it’s been regulated. However, it still is a currency totally outside of the control of central banks or governments. That truly is a libertarian dream,” says Berwick, who also founded the well-known blog The Dollar Vigilante.

Honestly? I don't know.

This platform is about to experience its biggest, real problem that it has ever faced. I really don't know if STEEM is going to survive.

Now, your ideas on trading are mighty important.
If you have feelings for the stock, PMs, bonds or cryptos, you can't trade 'em.

Every time you sell off, it hurts a little. So, each time the pain accumulates. Soon, you are making bad decisions. Cause, when the iron is hot, you have to strike. That iron doesn't wait for no one.

So, ripple is a great thing to jump in and out of. I know its manipulated, i don't care, cause that manipulation creates waves to buy and sell by. Ripple could go to $0, and I would be with everyone at a ho-down.

However, what i know about the future. The future belongs to cryptos.

Those 2¢ posts of today, will buy $200 worth of groceries in 5 years. And that is at a time when a $100 bill will buy you nothin.

Cryptos and silver. They will be the thing in the future.
US$s will be gone. Euros will be gone.
But, how soon? Should we sell out of bitcoin this time at $100,000?
Will there be a next time?

I am mighty unsure about there being a next time.
Happy trails pardner.

I'm all for silver, and gold as well - but cryptos - safe to say I have zero trust in those now - they will be there, but I won't be trusting them!

Me too!

And lead!

Lead LOL - guns are not really a thing in NZ - we just have safes!

It could fall below 3k...

or even under 1k


Are we still allowed to be honest? A question I asked myself before hitting the post button on my latest blog, haha, so far no one has jumped on my case about the taboo of speaking a bit ill of the dead, but then again the only comment I've gotten on it was in a discord dm, laughing at the morbid seems to be more comfortably done in private lol.

Maybe a certain steemian might choke on his own vomit soon...

Hope so!

Only you. LOL

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no of course not...
download (1).jpg

Quick rich schemes have a way of going bad. Only one I know that has worked real well is fiat banking.


I wish I'd have read this last year.

In January or in December?

(Wish I'd sold the lot in January!)

You should have click on my post when I did it!!! Parabolic move = bubble = burst. Simple as fock!


On the 23 december 2017, this is the screen shot I did:

![bitcon morons.jpg]

And this is the chart with a personal commentary, done 12 minutes after the actual screen shot: (remember... 23 december 2017)


Now the good news:
Next entry point: between 1500$ and 2500$

Well I did sell Bitcoin in December - it was the others like Dash and Steem that it would have been good to let go of!

For a while I was very careful what I said. Now I am not.

I guess the price that I pay, is my support is as up and down as the popularity of the current subject.

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You know I think of you as being able to get away with anything on Steemit?

Your "what got you into cryptos" post is partly what got me into this post!

My husband says that about me in real life too.

He says, "you live by different rules than everyone else."

I don't get tickets, I get away with little things, once I got caught smoking in the high school bathroom and my friend got blamed even after I owned up to it..

I think the main reason is that I am pretty harmless. :)

And on Steemit you do have a few friends in high places :)

I hope you stopped smoking!

Sure, I have made some friends. I didn't know a soul when I joined. :)

Yeah, that smoking thing was during my rebel phase. It lasted from 16 - 23 ish. :)

That was when I discovered pot - haven't been without that since 1985 when I last ran out :)

I'm just in the process of removing my sift666 delegation to frot so hopefully tomorrow I'll get my voting power back, but that will be on sift666

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Yeah I know what is like, I invested in Zimbabwe dollars 2 decades ago... now I feel the pain.

But there's a positive thing about theses bills, they serve my ass as pre-cut toilet paper...


Bitcoin is going to make crap toilet paper :)

Seems good enough for me!