Meetup & Support Steemit Northern Region #teammalaysia (Round 2)

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Specially created for Steemit Northern Region #teammalaysia to meet up Round 2! What happens if you are not from the #teammalaysia community? We are happy to invite you to join too. Feel free to come and chat with us. I will be there after lunch.


# What is Coworking?

Coworking space is a place where individuals may come from a different field or company and work together separately. It's usually for self-employed, such as freelance, a startup, a small group of employees who temporary work together on the same project and those who travel often from one place to another to work.

Although everyone come to work in the same space, they are actually working independently for themselves. Instead of looking elsewhere to find capable people to work with, this is where we can find talented and skillful people to collaborate without wasting time to find outside the boundary. Meanwhile is a place to escape from the distraction at home, especially for people who work from home.


Date: 3rd May 2018

Location: Level 8, Livingston Tower, 170 ArgyII Road, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

Time: 9:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Note: Registration at the counter. Parking is free from 5th to 7th floor. Free 100MB wifi.

Clothing/Attire: Casual (No slippers / short pant)

Previous Steemit Northern Region #teammalaysia Event:

Round 1

Settlements Coworking Space:

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congratulations for your success always..salam friendship from @ fauzan11 come to my page try you understand what is contained in my post yesterday can you understand?

Please do not spam here. Thank you.

hopefully success always with you and your team @legendchew.
best of luck

Thank you @tfq86.

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Usually this kind of gathering will take place loudly, because each participant gives a presentation from a different position, it is very interesting to hold a meeting like this, I really want to join because I am sure will find something new there, I hope to get the money to go meet you @legendchew 😉

If you have the money, please use that money to support the community. You already meet me online. 😁

Good job helping up with northern region meet ups.. I'll support you however I can

Thank you for your support too @orangila.

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Wow! This is amazing! A co-working space for steemians. I hipe someday I could visit this place.

Hi @beany-inhinyero, feel free to drop by. 😁

Thanks @legendchew! ☺️

Hopefully i can fly to malaysia and meet up with you and your team! Congrulations always success for you :))

You don't have to. It just a casual meetup. We will have a bigger event in future.

not now, but i hope one day later i will be in malaysia to meet with you and team malaysia

That will be awesome! Thanks in advance!

Wish you more success @legendchew. yes you are one of the lagend. Happy meet up then. Big hug :D

Thank you @el-nailul.

Thank you for dropping in my account. Thank you also appreciation. this is an honor for me hopefully Kqmu more successful

Thanks for dropping by @mukhlispuna.

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