Meetup & Support Steemit Northern Region #teammalaysia

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Specially created for Steemit Northern Region #teammalaysia to meet up. What happens if you are not from the #teammalaysia community? We are happy to invite you to join too. Feel free to come and chat with us. I will be there after lunch.

Coworking Space and Steemit Meetup
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What is Coworking?
Coworking space is a place where individuals may come from a different field or company and work together separately. It's usually for self-employed, such as freelance, a startup, a small group of employees who temporary work together on the same project and those who travel often from one place to another to work.

Although everyone come to work in the same space, they are actually working independently for themselves. Instead of looking elsewhere to find capable people to work with, this is where we can find talented and skillful people to collaborate without wasting time to find outside the boundary. Meanwhile is a place to escape from the distraction at home, especially for people who work from home.


Date: 5th April 2018

Location: Level 8, Livingston Tower, 170 ArgyII Road, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

Time: 9:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Note:: Registration at the counter. Parking is free from 5th to 7th floor.

A review of Settlements Coworking Space:

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Your post tend to have phishing link 😂😂

Wonder why they always target keep targeting us. There are so many ways to earn in this world.

Or maybe is done automatically. Just happened you are in the list haha

They are really good at making a link temptation. I really need to be careful.

Haha ya lo, hand gatal

Nearly click on it... nearly... 😆

haha jangan ar! Later you became a legend :(

Great initiative bro~!!

Then you must come. :D

Steemit Penang's ambassador :D

Hi @astroranagun, too bad I'm not. So the title goes to you. The future Crypto Ambassador & Volunteerpreneur. 😜

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Hi, Nice to meet you.

Hi @nick8982. Welcome to Steemit. Feel free to join the meetup.

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