Malaysia Blockchain Week

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Attended this event at Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur today. A whole day event. Meeting people learning new things. Never ending learning in the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

I am here super early because I thought it is starting at 9am. I texted @bitrocker2020 and @joannewong when I arrived. Even though I am early, they are not here yet because it starts at 10am. 😅

Meeting @buzz.lighter. He is early. Setting up his booth. So there goes, I tag along. Thanks Jason!

Registration starts...

Nope. I am not in the VIP list. 😂 Just taking photos while registering.

People starts entering the ballroom. Two ballrooms. One discussing about blockchain and another is about cryptocurrency.

One of the interesting thing I find is this deck of cards. This is the international version from Singapore by Long Hash. People we should know in the industry. Satoshi Nakamoto (male or female) hmm... Nobody knows.

And Bitcoin Malaysia is going to come up with a Malaysian version. Pre-order is available. Our beloved Team Malaysia community lead @bitrocker2020 will be on the Malaysian version. Get in touch with @buzz.lightyear for the pre-order and for more info.

@bitrocker2020 is on the stage sharing about the Steem blockchain. Yes. And he is showing FOOD photo about lunch time when everyone is "hungry". 🤣

Let's wait for @joannewong to post her post. Most of our wefies are taken with her phone.

Here's one special wefie. Eliza meeting Eliza. Yes. I met another Eliza here.

Awesome meeting new friends. I should attend more blockchain and cryptocurrency events. Unlike SteemFest last year, I know more people. But today I only know a few and get to know a few more. Need to 💪💪💪😊😀


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Interesting malaysia card, where can i see the detail?

Do you have @buzz.lightyear's contact? If not, I DM you in Discord.

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