My friend, Jon Austin

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Steemit is a growing monster. A monster of good. Now. I am terrible at singing. Can not even lipsync well.
Actually I'll compete in bad karoke. Sign me up. And I will do Despacito


I have a very close friend of mine who is actually chasing his dreams in el musica.

Steemit let me introduce you to my friend.

Jon Austin.

The reason I'm promoting him and his craft is not because he is really good. But because he told me something that put a smile on my face.

I showed him Steemit and the opportunities of being able to earn from creating good content.

And he said this.

"Making money is cool and all but I'm more interested in getting fans and not money. That'll make me happy."

So of course I'm going to get him all the fans I can. And if he gets any cute country girls chasing him.

"Oh yes darling I know Jon Austin. Wanna meet him?"

One heckuva way to meet my future wife.

He is going to be pop/country. Maybe we can do a comedy duet like a parody of Shania Twain?

That could be fun.

More links for my boy.

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Your friend Jon is definitely good! As we said in PYPT, get him onto Discord, into MSP-Waves (in the PAL discord) and maybe the SteemMusicAlliance (SMA), and he will certainly have fans! His guitar-playing/singing is good, but I was more taken by his voice in the Michael Bublé cover — not his moves (although they were good), but his VOICE in that cover! Awesome! 💙



I'd have to show him them on discord. I'm not not familiar with SMA is it like open mic? And I sent you a DM of my favorite original song he made.


I have never actually visited the SMA discord, myself, as I am not a musician. I only mentioned it because I have heard others talking about it, on PYPT. From what I've heard, though, they do have "open mic" events in the voice-channel and discussions in the text-channels which could be of benefit to musicians. You can send this invitation link to him (or check it out yourself) here:

Either you or someone who valued your post shared this post on Pimp Your Post Thursday in the Steemit Ramble discord. Looking forward to you visiting us again.


It is pretty good. My favorite is how it sounds on the Buble cover.

Wow your friend is truly an amazing singer, I really hope that he does well and gets all the fans he deserves! His cover of Perfect might have brought me to tears hahaha!


If you liked that cover here some of his own! (Thought I linked it above but I goofed.)

He is good, but it’s the last one that shows off his voice, he could have a brilliant future. He has great voice control and impeccable timing. A great artist in the making.


200% agree, we have a mutual friend and she had me listen to his music and made me guess who it was. I cycled through a few pop/country stars I knew she liked. Her dopey grin was irritating as I kept guessing.
With a smile she tells me. "It's Jon."
He sounds like someone on the radio to me.


I think he sounds better than some I hear on the radio.


I think he does too, I tell him that a lot.

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bạn có một giọng hát tuyệt vời..


Yes he does :)

Wow your friend is very talented! "Perfect" from Ed Sheeran was my favorite! Tell him to keep doing that kind of videos!