#TeamGirlPowa Poetry Contest: Feminist Fire!

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to @teamgirlpowa’s latest contest: poetry!

We’ve had great responses to our last two contests—thanks to everyone who has supported us and participated in our contests. This time will be a little different: we feel really strongly about this theme, and we want to explain why. The theme for this poetry contest is:

Feminist Fire!

What does that mean? @teamgirlpowa is a rad space, dedicated to supporting women and femmes on Steemit. We are a feminist space, even though not all of us feel like we fully own the label feminist. As feminists, we are well aware of the ways that women and femmes are silenced in the world. We use our Steemit blogs and our Discord server to reclaim our voices, and to make space for others to reclaim their own.

One of the most insidious ways women and femmes are silenced is by denying them the right to anger. We are not allowed to be angry. We are told that expressing anger allows our words to be dismissed. We are told that showing anger makes us irrational, and that we will never win equality if we cannot argue calmly and rationally for it. When we are assertive, when we state our desires and our needs in firm ways, when we demand our rights be respected, we are accused of being angry, and we are ignored. We are told to be polite, to smile, to thank our oppressors for the scraps of their approval, or else to cry prettily and beg them to stop hurting us. We are told to suffer quietly, and to never make anyone else uncomfortable by showing the raw realness of our anger.

At @teamgirlpowa, we say that’s bunk. Denying the existence of our emotions strangles the life out of us. Humans are not beings of pure rational thought: our thoughts and experiences shape our emotions, and are shaped by them. Pretending those emotions don’t exist is a kind of slow poison—it will kill us, and we won’t even realize we’re dying until it’s too late.

Feminist Fire is about strength. It’s about an unflinching look at our feelings. It’s about not denying our own emotions, but using them instead, using them to change the world. To change minds, to affirm ourselves and our sisters, to speak into the universe this truth: “I am here.” Feminist fire is a tribute to women’s power. It announces that we are done lying to ourselves and each other, that we will express ourselves however we damn well please. Feminist fire is about sharing our truth, no matter how messy it is. It is about unapologetic women and passionate women and women who own their realities. It is about women who reclaim their power, and it is about the beauty and fire of a woman’s spirit, and it is about speaking aloud what must be spoken in order for us all to be free.

So, please: show us your poetry. Speak your words to us. Join us in celebrating the power and strength of women and femmes.


The Rules:

  • Write a poem expressing the theme feminist fire. Any form of poetry is fine: blank verse, free verse, villanelle, sonnet, rhyming, no rhymes—whatever you like
  • Open to people of all genders
  • Poems must be your original work!
  • Include an artist’s statement, explaining your interpretation of the theme—a paragraph (4-5 sentences) is fine, though you may write more if you wish
  • Link to this post in your entry
  • Use the #teamgirlpowa tag
  • Post a link to your entry in the comments below
  • Entries will be accepted until 26 April 2018 at 11:00pm EDT

The Prizes:

1st Place will receive 10 STEEM
2nd Place will receive 5 STEEM
3rd Place will receive 3 STEEM
There will be also be a Wild Card/Honorable Mention winner, who will be chosen by the #teamgirlpowa community and receive 2 STEEM.
All prizes donated by @teamgirlpowa.

The Judges:

The judges will be @shawnamawna, @limabeing, @rachelhanson10, and @tessaradudley. They’ll be judging on the following:

  • Subject Matter/Theme (How feminist is the piece? Does it follow the theme?)
  • Rhyme, Rhythm, and Sound (How does it sound?)
  • Imagery and Language (Is it poetic? What images are used?)
  • Structure and Form (What kind of poem is it? What poetic devices does it include?)
  • Artist Statement (What does the author have to say about the poem?)

That’s it! Thanks for reading. Please upvote and resteem to help others see this post, and encourage people you know to enter their poems. We look forward to reading your wonderful words!


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“I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood…for it is not difference which immobilizes us, but silence.” – Audre Lorde

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Post created by @tessaragabrielle


Oh such a great contest, very exciting, I can not wait to read the entries and this is one I will definitely be taking part in, poetry can hold such power and emotion. Great contest @teamgirlpowa resteemed xx

I just want to personally add that i feel blessed that @tessaragabrielle @shawnamawna @rachelhanson are cool with judging/hosting this controversial yet very very essential theme!!

As a woman who tends to be more aggressive yet stuggles with desires of being liked, understood , and respected...as well as debilitating depression, anxiety, and impulse control
It means so much to me. I know this is THE fear of so many women and maybe some men in a different way-- that we will be labeled "angry feminist" "crazy sjw" or "nasty women" among other things.

The question is how to channel and give space to these words that detail the depths of our experience with levels of oppression whether you are a non-macho male whos bullied gor being in touch with his sensitive side, a nonbinary person who tired of being dismissed by both sides, or any variety of woman who has pain and anger that you need to work through--- this contest is open for you.

Do not let yourself be silenced. Do not silence yourself.

Hello friends @teamgirlpowa here I leave you my participation in the contest.
Hola amigos @teamgirlpowa aqui les dejo mi participacion en el concurso.

Fantastic initiative! Resteemed to help keep the fire going.

Better late than never... lol!

My entry :)

Not late yet! ;)

Great work @limabeing, i'll be sure to drop my entry soon!

Just a reminder that the contest ends in 24 hours—we hope you'll find time to send us something before then!

Here is my entry https://steemit.com/teamgirlpowa/@magicalmoonlight/set-me-free

@tessaragabrielle, you did so well writing this up. I could feel the fire burning inside of me!!

This is a nice concept!I am going to put in my first try.Re-esteemed.

I am definitely going to enter this and maybe even enter with my daughter. Since she's a musician, maybe we'll write our verse in the form of a song! :) I've shared this on some of my other social media as well.

Just a reminder that this contest ends in 24 hours—we hope you still plan to submit something!

I'm having troubles finding my fury. Now if you have a contest for posting about feeling completely overwhelmed by depression and OTHER people's depression... I could write the hell out of that. I'm sorry.

The responses weren’t all fury—we got a wide range of stuff. I’m sad you weren’t able to jump in, and I hope you feel less overwhelmed soon. ❤️

Me too. Things have been really... well, really NOT good here and it's been all I can do to just write the more fluffy/unemotional stuff. I haven't been able to 'dig deep' on any issues without it sending me into a tailspin these past couple of weeks. I'm ready for a vacation from emotional stuff! :) I appreciate the reminder and the support, even though I wasn't able to participate this time.

Sweet!! Thanks!!

#teamgirlpowa I love this quote is dope

I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood…for it is not difference which immobilizes us, but silence.” – Audre Lorde

It's simply dissolve in mind and I will say met is your understanding that determines your stand. A great one from #teamgirlpowa supported all the way.

Agreed!! I need to read her stuff

I was fortunate to take an entire course focused on Audre Lorde’s works, and I love both her essays and her poetry! This quote really characterizes what we’re trying to do with @teamgirlpowa, I think. 😄

Resteemed for visibility.
Sending my entry soon.

Hello, just a reminder that the contest ends in 24 hours—are you still planning to submit something? We'd love to read your work!

Yes, please.
I'd send it in in a few hours.

Great contest i must partecipate!

@noemilunastorta Hey, just a reminder—there’s a little over a day left to enter, and we’d love to see an entry from you, if you’re still interested!


hello @teamgirlpowa i can publish in spanish?

Yes, but we need a translation in English. Are you in discord? I can suggest a few people if you need help with the translation to be as poetic as the Spanish portion. 😉

@lisetblanco will we be seeing an entry from you? We'd love to include your work!

si @tessaragabrielle ya hice mi entrada. saludos

I am dealing with severe writer's block at the moment. So I really cannot promise anything ...

Hello? What’s up?

Hello, when will the winners of the contest be announced?

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