Seeking some input for next Melbourne meetup (especially date and location)

in teamaustralia •  7 months ago

Hey everyone

I'm planning the next Melbourne meetup and wanted some input on date and location.

Date: Currently looking at Sunday 17th or 24th June in the afternoon. Sundays seem to suit the most people and tend to make parking easier.

Location: The Great Northern had nice beers and was relatively quiet and roomy until the footy started. Father's Office gets way too noisy inside to be able to easily converse, so I'm keen for suggestions of somewhere that is not too noisy or busy on a Sunday afternoon. Ideally convenient to public transport and driving (so not necessarily in the centre of the cbd).

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Hey @datascience - I'm going to be down 25-27 June...Staying in Glen Waverley this time. What do you think my chances are of meeting some Melbournian Steemians on a Monday night in Glen Waverley??


We definitely can. @mslillypilly and I live out east. I can make an event and see if we get any other takers too. Any food preferences?


Awesome! In terms of food preferences, edible is good ;-)


I have heard good things about Upali's (
What time on 25th suits? Also, are you on Discord?


I am nearby :)

Sunday 24th works for me. There’s a great bar just outside St Kilda - The Local Taphouse. I’d recommend giving that one a shot. Good beers and food. Parking isn’t too bad.

Have you considered having it in Adelaide? :)


Might work better :)
I'm actually there next weekend but I don't think I will have any spare time to catch up with people.

I'm good for next Friday evening. Williamstown? Pub- Steam packet? Or even Yarraville!

Laiko, High St, Northcote.

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both dates work for me , count me in !!

If we do it in a fly zone I can bring my drone and take some good shots of us


That would be pretty cool (although might be a better summer plan when we can trust the weather). Where are good locations for fly zones?


Out in Melbourne's West as it's relatively undeveloped and smaller population