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RE: TBIS Weekly Episode Eight: The SEC

in #tbis6 years ago (edited)

I think the words "Shock-Proof" should be taken off the Titanium banner :) Now I have BAR and TBAR that are worth almost nothing. At least the loss can be used against any profits I make, if the overall market turns around. ICO's have been such a mixed bag for me, they either do really well or end up like this. Think I'll stick to more established coins from now on. I didn't trust Michael Stollaire at fist, should of stuck with that gut instinct.


I remember the videos Michael made after the „theft“ of the original BARs he was telling people that whoever did that would be chased down by him and should never, ever have a beautiful life again. He wanted to use all of his „influence“ to make life a hell for that person.

Well it’s seems that it is time that life gets hell for himself.

He does not even comment himself I any media, what can you expect?

Whatever happens now, guilty or not, he should pack his things and leave crypto. If there is any product left after all, which I doubt, I do net believe it will be a success.

Holding my bar and tbar forever to remind me about this great, new,uncontrolled crypto dream that scams like this are about to destroy. Well done Mr. Stollaire!

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