Is taxation theft?

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The age old question! See how these people responded.

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Theft is a criminal act. Taxation is legal.

Taxation is theft, the people work with their sweat and blood. Government without sweating will then come and ask for something that didn't put their money or energy into

ask for???????? I never hear a government ask for anything. They come in VIOLENCE to take it against your will. Now how do we stop this process?

start the process, locally.

It shouldn't be "Adam versus the Man," it should be, "Adam IS the Man!! lol

"COULD BE" the man. We'll know after the reaction in New Orleans to the "carpet bomb" mailing of his "Freedom!" book across that proud city... and of course, what effect that will have on the Libertarian Party -- LA state affiliate.

Taxation is not only theft, it is aggression. What I mean is that the government takes what they need from you, and if you refuse to comply, they arrest you and threaten you with a jail sentence. They threaten the taxpayer with arrest if they refuse to pay tax, therefore they are aggressive. Then, once they have your tax money, they give themselves a pay rise or they go and bomb somethingestan in the middle east. Absolute BS.

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Taxation could be theft depending on who is taxing who and what is it used for and is it properly accounted for?

Here in my country Nigeria, taxation is a theft, my reasons are;

  1. Its is not properly accounted for.
  2. Taxation In Nigeria is for the poor alone, the rich don't pay tax.
  3. These said taxes are then looted by the same government.
  4. Taxation in Nigeria 🇳🇬 is biased.

@adamkokesh if this listed above is how it happens in your own country, then i have no option than to support your question with Yes Taxation Is Theft

We must be free!!!!

Good video

Nice video. I liked the honest and varied responses from a wide range of people.

That's a political related video.i little bit support politics..
That's a good video about politics...
Thanks for sharing this..
Upvote and resteemit done...

In the video you do ask why they pay taxes, and the real reason is because if they don’t pay taxes they will end up in jail.

I have never seen people who support higher taxes, pay a higher rate voluntarily. They only pay what they are forced to do. I wonder why? 🤔 well, actually I don’t, because I know why...

I noticed how the Russian lady said “for obvious reason”, like if going to jail for protecting our property is totally normal and “obvious”.

She also stated how much better off she is living in this country and in her perspective paying the taxes is worth the cost of protecting that betterment.

he has responded with the real reason is because if they do not pay taxes, they will end up in jail .. the government that scares the people with the threat of confinement
“not men only want sex. Some men just want to go on walks and talk about how taxation is theft.”
taxes may mean violations of the fundamental rights of each individual. Taxes are theft, and as everyone believes that stealing is always bad.

taxation is better defined as robbery

" Its just how it is" sadly the normal response. This needs to be change the masses need to be unconditioned. It shows here when people actually think about things it clicks, we are taught not to think ! 💯🐒

Adam Kokesh: Forever exposing how democracy can NEVER work. thank you, sir.

Definitely a question that often insights a bit of cognitive dissonance in people when they first consider it. A good mix of reactions here. People don't like to think about being manipulated and taken advantage of.

I love that you're filming outside the Whitehouse where the cops tried to chase you away, but ended up running away from you. What a leader!! The woman with the heart on her white shirt reminds me of the lady on "Mars Attacks". I love that your show makes people think. I can see the smoke coming from their brain..

Theft is taking something without permission. But when you threaten force I believe that's robbery. And when you threaten freedom, that's extortion and potential kidnapping. This isn't feudal times, but we're expected to give our choices crops to our lords. The gov(s) is/are out of control!

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Taxation is indivisible from the monetary system and fractional reserve banking. Under that system all currency is created as a function of debt as governments use 'government bonds' as security to privately owned central banks in exchange for Fiat currency that must be repaid 'plus interest.' Therefore, not only is tax theft it doesn't pay for vital vital services either. It is merely a form of payment to the global bankster elite.

This video is good... but I have hard to text something... when I see they say they like this taxes :( ....