TAUCHAIN: Strap In...

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Bitcoin may be taking off, yet very few even know about Tauchain.

NOW might just be a good time to get in-the-know...

Simplifying TAUCHAIN: What You Need To Know About One Of The Most Fascinating, Significant Projects On The Block(chain)…

Tauchain 101: Essential Reading On One Of The Most Revolutionary Blockchain Project Under The Radar…

Development on the project has begun moving.

The token is currently under-the-radar, sitting at $0.62 for a ridiculous $25mil market cap, available only on two small exchanges.

This is not financial advice.

(But those who can put the puzzle pieces together for themselves and understand what this project may evolve into would likely prove wise to construe it as such.)

You won't be able to say you never got a head's up...

Simplifying TAUCHAIN: What You Need To Know About One Of The Most Fascinating, Significant Projects On The Block(chain)…

Tauchain 101: Essential Reading On One Of The Most Revolutionary Blockchain Project Under The Radar…


@rok-sivante, Will look into it and will try to understand this Project and Ecosystem. Stay blessed and hope that you are doing great brother.

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Tau is definitely an interesting project and I'm glad they're getting a full fledged team involved.

The lead dev Ohad Asor is literally the smartest person I've ever come across, I hope his vision takes shape, it'll certainly be a sight to behold.

And I hope you continue covering the project, as the pieces you’ve done on it so far are among some of the best I’ve read... ;-)

Good information, about this alternative

Thank you <3


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I only know about it because of your other posts about it. It isn't something that I have been actively following or anything like that though. I suspect it is something that will be difficult to invest in as an American (It's Chinese right?). The government always makes everything hard for us.

Depends entirely upon what exchanges the token is and whether Americans can access those exchanges. Right now, you shouldn’t have any issues...

Good to know. Thanks. I actually don't have much liquid assets to pick anything up right now. I had some trouble with my old truck and I was forced to buy a new one sooner than I had planned :P Isn't that pretty typical!

Dear @rok-sivante

I just visited your account to see if you published anything new only to realize that you seem to give up on Steemit? :(

Hope you're not done with this platform yet.


Not give up entirely, though it’s been a long time since I’ve been optimistic or inspired here...

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Dear @rok-sivante

I just decided to visit your profile and see if you're still active I don't remember seeing you around lately.

I really hope you didn't give up on Steemit yet. It has been quite a while since your last publication.

Hope you're okey there.

Hello @rok-sivante

How have you been? I am Samuel. I will like to ask you for a favor please. I really don't know if you would tolerate someone asking you for this, but I think it's better I give it a try. Who knows! I might be lucky..lol.

I will like to ask for your support in terms of upvote please. Probably you can set my account to get an auto-upvote from you. I will be elated if granted this request. Thanks.

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Why do you want it?

Why do you feel your deserve it?

What would your plans be with the income/profit/rewards?

How do you intend for the proceeds to be put to use for the benefit of the Steemit community and/or blockchain revolution?

First of all, I will like to thank you @rok-sivante for getting back to me and will try to address all your concerns in this writeup.

I am Sam from Nigeria, a young and vibrant graduate of Civil Engineering who takes interest in writing, reading, swimming (shark...lol!) and soccer. My articles major mainly on business/investments, cryptocurency/blockchain, sports, poem, games and other interesting topics that interest my followers and add value to their steemit experience.

Furthermore, I will like you to know I have been a longstanding member of the Steemit community for over one year and I have been very active and dedicated towards the growth of the platform even in times of bear market.

Even though I am not fortunate enough to have the money to invest into the platform as I am only a fresh graduate living off my parents and no source of income yet, I think it is very important that I also let you know that I have been trying my best to make sure all my actions on this platform are dedicated towards fostering the growth of this great platform and building the Steem economy in general.

It is also worthy to note that I haven't powered down my SP for once since when I joined the Steem blockchain. I was also a participant of the seven77 STEEM Twitter Movement organised by @nathanmars towards making $7.77 STEEM a reality this year. You can confirm that on my twitter page here.

The reason I want upvotes is because I want to earn more Steem Power which will sure give me more stake in promoting quality and original contents published by people especially newbies like me on the platform so that I can help them grow as I grow too. I'm sure you would agree with me that these actions will sure help in promoting community engagement as one of the main features on which the Steemit Platform is built upon is Upvoting, alongside Commenting and Resteeming.

And of course, I need part of those liquid steem as well to support myself financially (but am definitely not selling at this low price since I know it's negative on the steem economy) as one of the main reason most of us if not all are here is because there is money involved. Sincerely speaking, I doubt if I would even be here in the first place if the money is not involved. However, I try to make sure all my actions and decisions doesn't negatively affect or hinder the growth of the platform in any way.

Another plan I have for the remaining part of the liquid steem is to use it in promoting the Steemit community and/or blockchain revolution. The question is how do I plan to go about this? Yes! It is simple.

Within the past few weeks, Steemit has been experiencing series of growth with the introduction and creation of new Steem Tribes such as Palnet, Neoxian, Steemleo, Stemgeeks, Steemace, Marlians, SportstalkSocial and lots more, and they have their respective native tokens trading already on Steem Engine.

So, my plan is to invest in some of these steem tribe platforms by buying their tokens via steem engine with part of the proceeds I earned on my posts as liquid steem and stake them, so that I can support other people with my upvotes and also build value for these steem tribe platforms and its economy. Note that I already staked some steem tribe tokens such as Neoxag, Sports, Lasse, Palcoin, and Leo.

I will be very glad if my request is being granted, and once again, thanks very much for giving me the opportunity to express myself.

Hello @rok-sivante

How have you been? I published a post now and noticed you've granted my request. I have not much to say but to thank you for this. I am very grateful and I really appreciate the opportunity you gave to me to promote this community even better. Thanks very much once again. Steem to the moon....Cheer!

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Do note:

I may be adjusting my vote strength up, down, or off depending on the increase/decrease in quality of your publishings... 😉

I get that sir.. I hate shit post too. Thanks very much once again.

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Hello Rok.

Just wanted to see if you're alive, well and with your condo already bought since we haven't spoken for about a year or so.


(plus, It's heartwarming to see you still helping noobs in need :)


Alive. Half-well. Lost 90% of funds since the peak when we were talking about the condo, so condo is a dead dream. Life had other plans. Or, I was just extremely foolish and completely mismanaged what I had - which would’ve been more than enough to buy a decent house in different city.

“Live and learn.” (Through pain).

Haven’t been active on here in quite a while...

We all lost a lot Rok, it's natural, don't beat yourself up.
You still have another bull market ahead of you I bet.

Hello @rok-sivante

How are you today?

I just want to confirm if you got my reply yet.

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