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Happy new year guys! There are some great news to report on the Tau-chain & Agoras project. Development has been progressing well over the past year. If you've never heard of this project before, check out my introduction post on it. Here’s a quick summary of the most important updates to date:-

Consensus detection milestone.

A big part of this project is about the scaling of discussions through a logical framework. Detecting areas of agreement between users is a fragment of that, and this was recently demonstrated right before the end of 2019. Read more about it: 1, 2.

Keep in mind that this technology is being made to scale for the masses. And not just in one language, but an Internet of Languages powered by Tau Meta Language.

The 3 Laws of Laws.

The centerpiece of this project, Tau Meta Language (TML) is already satisfying the logic of "The 3 Laws of Laws" (used to be internally called "The Language of Law"):-

  • Decidability. The law always needs to be able to decide what is legal or not.
  • Self-reference / recursion. The law needs to be able to feed into itself and decide whether it is legal.
  • Deletion, which is a form of negation (and yes, TML supports negation too). Roughly speaking, this is about the ability to change the law, quite like changing one's mind.

How did this set of criteria come to be in the first place? Long story short, it first began as a postulate about a "universal" language for human-machine-human communication, which turned out to be a serendipitous discovery as it gave such a strong result about the language of law. To my knowledge, there's really only one way to fulfill "The 3 Laws of Laws", and TML is the embodiment of that specific logic. Check out the blogposts here: http://www.idni.org/blog/

Expanded development team.

Ohad Asor was literally the only researcher and developer for many years due to the nature of the project. But that changed in 2019. There are 6 developers in the project now. Some are working on Tau Meta Language, and the rest are working on the Alpha, which is the discussion platform. More info on the team: http://www.idni.org/about/

Whitepaper is coming soon.

According to the recent monthly update, the whitepaper should be completed in the next few months. Of course, there's the initial whitepaper. The new and upcoming one will reflect the design of The New Tau.

Play with Tau Meta Language!

Yes, anyone can now test TML on Telegram. Come join us on the public channel in https://t.me/tauchain for more info on how to do it. Here is TML's readme on Github: https://github.com/IDNI/TML. The first instance of arithmetic has just been included in TML recently, so the readme doesn't include that part yet. I'll probably write some tutorials on it as I learn.

Please note that this is the bare-bones part of the technology and still currently under heavy development. Ease of use will come later with social media-like UI/UX. So if you're up to learn way ahead of the curve and be an early adopter, this is a good chance to do so.

2020 & beyond.

I'd like to take this chance to congratulate the team for the recent accomplishments. Looking forward to grow with the community and see the day when this project gets all the attention it deserves. Come join us. Here's to a great new year!

For more info.

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I hope you have you-dumb-bitch version of explaining coming so that next time when I'm in KL, you use that version with me lol

btw happy new year!

I think it is technically called "bitchsplaining" :D

Yeah I would like one of those too :D

Sign me up, happy new year!

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maybe i could help translate lol

i actually don't know what it is either.... haha.... well, not yet.... i kind of have a feeling of a few different things this thing might be

pls let me know if you end up writing something about it!

If you wanna learn more, I believe he has one big post he wrote a while back and you could study that for days then yeah, write about it :D

haha too deep in the bubble to realize. hny!

Make that 3 for the simplified version
I had those AGRS stored somewhere. I wonder where since they got kicked off Poloniex

I follow this project for a while now and still don’t understand much :( BUT I can feel and sense there is something cooking 💥💥💥

Thank you very much @kevinwong for your summary. With so much technical language, it is always friendlier to read your closest articles the common language of other human beings.

Thank you very much @capitanart! I was thinking about you when I was playing with the simple 2020 graphic above because I know you can make a much more beautiful one for the project haha

Happy New Year Kevin!

HNY! how's it going? don't you do some coding? come try it out :p

You forgot about the law of How quickly can this Tau make everyone millionaires?

lol that'll get people excited eh?

:) nope.

Happy New Year to you.

Do you know anything about the problem of paradoxes and if they are positive to "solve" them? I am too lazy to read myself. Ähem....

There is also a Token to buy, if one thinks this might get huge. AGRS - it is a bargain still, but can be traded at https://www.bcex.ca/

Danke! ich hatte ja welche aber weiß nicht mehr wo sie sind 😂

Meee tooo! Ich glaube die sind weg 🙃😅 Wie gehts Dir ? Schön langsam gehts wieder bei mir

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its already touching the skies :)

Less I forget, happy New year @kevinwong. It been a long time since I have hungry to wish you this even most people passby and say nothing. It is never too late to wish people happy new Year. Thanks for your developmental report. Thanks for being our STEEM witness.

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sweet. missed this until now.

read the notes from the last monthly update though, and seems like things are coming along nicely.

there's hope for a Lambo after all!! 😎

(Just kidding. No Lambo 4 me.)

Thanks for being our STEEM witness.

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Heppy new year @kevinwong

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