I think it is technically called "bitchsplaining" :D

Yeah I would like one of those too :D

Sign me up, happy new year!

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maybe i could help translate lol

i actually don't know what it is either.... haha.... well, not yet.... i kind of have a feeling of a few different things this thing might be

pls let me know if you end up writing something about it!

If you wanna learn more, I believe he has one big post he wrote a while back and you could study that for days then yeah, write about it :D

haha too deep in the bubble to realize. hny!

Make that 3 for the simplified version
I had those AGRS stored somewhere. I wonder where since they got kicked off Poloniex

I follow this project for a while now and still don’t understand much :( BUT I can feel and sense there is something cooking 💥💥💥

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