Petit Cafe - A Tasteem Review

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If you’re about to go on a Blind Date and have that ‘iffy’ feeling, then The Petit Café in Rochdale could be for you.

Some of you know I’m not the greatest fan of this town that I’m working in right now, and besides Montague’s I have found little to like in terms of sit-down eateries.

The Petit Café is a little off the beaten track on a side street, this one being a little nicer than where
The Laughing Loaf is situated and you are far less likely to get mugged.


A menu on the outside window told myself and @goblinknackers that The Petit Café served things other than coffee and cakes.


They are in need to Staff, for 16 hours. Is that per week, per day or just a one off and then you’re out on your ear? I didn’t ask.


Only 4 stars should have been my warning. Many choose not to boast about their Food Hygiene Rating unless it’s the top rank. Cafés are not forced to display this sticker on their windows.


The Lunch menu as quite small, but ‘Cheese and Onion pie, chips and beans’ stuck out for me. That’s oh so northern.

I was wondering what had been pulled from the, ‘To Naughty to Mention’ dish. Shouldn’t that be ‘Too Naughty’? I’m being picky and haven’t even ordered yet.

In a daring mood, we sat and I ordered the Pie. @goblinknackers went for a Panini, probably the Chicken Melt at a guess.


There were a couple of other patrons eating. These ladies were paying up, leaving and still walking. Maybe it wasn’t all that bad after all?


'To say I was crestfallen when this was placed in front of me would be a slight understatement.'

The chips looked dry, the pie small and where was that oozing cheese that’s supposed to poke out from under the crust saying, ‘EAT ME’, in a high pitched warble?

It all looked plain and dull.


@goblinknackers’ Panini looked a little more exciting but not too much.

He gave it the slight thumbs up after I asked him for a terse verbal review after we left.

I looked at my food thinking, ‘those beans damn well better be Heinz’ and drew my knife through the pie crust.

The Pie did taste better than it looked, and shocked me somewhat. I did finish it minus the crust which was stodgy and unappetising.


The chips tasted about as good as they looked. Passible to the starving man, but otherwise average, and those beans were not Heinz.

I am a trained Heinz Beans taste identifier I will have you all know!


She looks bored, maybe the Tea is dull too. I didn’t try the drinks.

This is the reason why. £1.50 for a can of coke? This isn’t Harrods Restaurant!


You might think I’m not a big fan of The Petit Café and you would be quite right.

It’s not a terrible place, more average come middle of the road.

Maybe that job opening in the window is for a chef?

I think they could use one. The location is decent, the ambiance OK, the food is not.


I’ll stick to a Sayer’s Pastie, much nicer!

Restaurant Information

Petit Cafe
16 Baillie St, Rochdale OL16 1JG, UK

Petit Cafe - A Tasteem Review
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The food is not okay? Hmm, maybe just do blind date without food. lol.

Thanks for sharing with us via Tasteem:

Keep up your great work!

[Tasteem Global Supporter]

Well that depends if you want another date haha!!

That's a shame. Have you found any other reviews for it? Is the location busy enough to not rely on repeat customers? Maybe one day places like this will be checking their Tasteem reviews.

It's on a side street not too far from the main shopping area. The problem is that it wont be the main shipping are for much longer as they are building a new one.

There is no real searchable repo for @tasteem. Something I will be highlighting to them at SF4, I think some of them are attending.

I've not checked it lately, but the Just Eat dapp had a map of eateries near you. Does Tasteem do this?

I don't believe so, is Just Eat still going? It has the unfortunate timing to kick off when @tasteem did.

Steem isn't big enough to sustain multiple dapps for the same sort of thing. Not yet anyway

They must have so much information now, it would be really good to know their future plans.

Staff needed? If the UK is having staff shortages now I don't even want to imagine how it will be when Brexit comes into full force and many of the imigrants leave... Well, you'll still have Portuguese people working there since we are one of the oldest alliances in the world, still, many others will leave :/

1.50 pounds for a coke? The hell is that coke made off? Gold?

The service industry is full of immigrants, especially in London. Still, there will be jobs to fill.

Young people are very picky these days where they work, to the extent they would rather be unemployed in some cases.

1.50 pounds for a coke? The hell is that coke made off? Gold?

It wasn't a fancy restaurant and I felt it OTT for the kind of place it is.

Young people are very picky these days where they work, to the extent they would rather be unemployed in some cases.

That's really odd, how much do they get per month for being unemployed? Is there like a unemployment check each month or something? And if it exists,for how long can they be unemployed and get it? Most Portuguese people that go over there to work aren't that picky with their work, they would be earning twice the minimum wage than in Portugal with a little increase in the cost of living.

Yes, they get unemployment benefit but it doesn't go on indefinitely. Some never work a day in their life.

That's really weird, to not work a day in their life, how do they manage to survive and pay their expenses when the unemployment benefit runs out? In Portugal if they don't have a job already in line when the unemployment benefit runs out they will have a really bad time...

Doesnt anyone have a decent roast beef sandwich with fries all covered in a inch of
brown gravy?!? Now that is a meal that is hard to beat!!

Don't you then get a soggy bun? Hope you separate the gravy from the bread!

Nooo! That is the best part! Not only the bun is covered with gravy but the fries are too. All melts together into a paradise of yum lol

The food doesn't look horrible, but it didn't look like anything special either. If you are going to use a ciabatta or something like that for the sandwich you better at least make sure that the stuff inside is bigger than the bread. I want to see the meat sticking out the side not being hidden under all those carbs. Have you ever had Bush's baked beans? Those are my favorite.

Have you ever had Bush's baked beans?

Never heard of them! Are Heinz unheard of in the US? They are considered the king of beans here.

No, Heinz is more closely associated with ketchup though. They have all manner of products here.

I worked for Heinz once, had a tour of the beans factory. Never seen so many in my life ;)

6.50 for a full english.... i wonder what that's like?

I don't think Ill be going back to try. They tend to stop serving breakfasts in most places after 11.30am or so. Full English is deliciously unhealthy, I try not to eat them.. but am tempted at times.

Oh i don't imagine you should. Normally i am apprehensive when something is too cheap anyway. The sausages over here would enrage you since they are more-often-than-not.... hot dogs. Oh and almost noone serves Heinz beans.

I will make a note to avoid Sausages in November. I'm not a fan of them anyway. Not sure what to expect for breakfast in Thailand.

well at a hotel you can expect eggs, bacon, fruit, and bread. Outside of hotels you can expect the same meals that happen for every other meal. I'm not trying to be an authority on this because I am not Thai, but for the most part they don't seem to differentiate their food based on time of day.

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Reqlly sounds petit cafe will be a place worth visiting afer hearing about its review from you

What a shame the food was so disappointing. The environment looked quite nice, I would probably be tempted to pop if I was passing. There's so much competition foodwise, must be hard to make a living.

Juggling prices and quality must be tough. I don't mind paying though if the food is good. It was a similar prices at Montegue's but the quality differences were vast.

Just read Montague's and the Laughing Loaf (hilarious, the two of you sound like the Likely Lads wandering around town trying to find somewhere to eat). Montague's sounds very good, I notice they had lamb cutlets on the menu, and the steak sandwich looked good. You're right, you don't see those so often now.

It's hard work I tell ya..., finding something to eat in this wretched town! Hope the 'Loaf' peeps never get to read what I wrote... heh..

I have decided to give Rochdale the slip. Bottomless breakfast with dry chips and small pie was not what I imagined. It was more like a young Elizabeth Hurley without knickers...

Lmao @katharsisdrill that's wicked.

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I would rather your friends meal too!

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