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I first discovered about this restaurant during my first visit to an allergology doctor. Back then I just excused myself from the office and had the doctor's appointment during lunch break. After that, I had to eat before going back to work but got no time to go to the mall. The hospitalmust have a cafeteria. I asked a security guard and he directed me to the lower ground floor.

It was pass three in the afternoon. Not the meal time so the place was empty and quiet. It was on my favor because I had to go back to work as soon as possible.

The restaurant is not a typical cafeteria in a hospital where the options are limited just to satisfy a hungry stomach. From the looks of it alone, it is being ran by business owners independently from the hospital management.

It is actually like a restaurant in the mall where you won't think or feel that you are in a hospital. The price ranges of on their menu are not even the low or subsidized cost in hospitals. It is actually expensive here even if compared to other restaurants. Let me get back to that later.

With all due fairness to the restaurant, it is cozy, clean, well ventilated and the staff seem professionals.

The watermelon seems so tempting on a hot afternoon at around 30°C. However, I clearly remember that watermelon is number one on the list of fruits that are not recommended for hypo-allergenic diet. I ended up with something that I rarely eat. Congee!

I ordered for goto because it is the safest I know that its ingredients do not have allergens, except for fish sauce (patis) which I had to make sure that they do not add.

Goto, also known as arroz caldo con goto, is a Filipino rice and beef tripe gruel cooked with ginger and garnished with toasted garlic, scallions, black pepper, and chicharon. It is usually served with calamansi, soy sauce, or fish sauce (patis) as condiments, as well as a hard-boiled egg.

Well, it was not bad at all. It is not commonly served in restaurants nor being cooked at home so I took the opportunity.

What made me really enjoy it are the tripe stripes. Those were very soft and tender. I wonder how long they boiled it to be that soft.

And I mentioned about the price, right? Guess how much the goto was? It was PhP150.00. That is about US$2.94. Outside, price of goto per serving ranges from 50-100 pesos. Again, it wasn't bad at all.

Cafeteria by Chef Florabel
LG/F Asian Hospital and Medical Center
2205 Civic Drive
Muntinlupa City
Metro Manila

Restaurant Information

Cafeteria by Chef Florabel
2205 Civic Dr, Alabang, Muntinlupa, 1780 Metro Manila, Philippines

Finding something anti-histamine
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Glad you can still get out to restaurants just make sure you wear that mask when going outside :)

Ah, no. That was actually in January. All restaurants are closed this time due to the quarantine so no luck. I have very limited stock photos now for the tasteem contests that is why I do not have much entries. 😄

Face mask! Yes, that reminds me I need to find my masks as I will be going out on Saturday... I hope it won't be much trouble out there. 😊

Oh ok then poor @tasteteam they would be feeling the effect of this also :(

Be careful out there the police and military have orders to shoot down people what a joke as if things aren't bad enough already :(

I noticed there are few posts on tasteem contests so I guess yes, they are feeling it too. People no longer have the chance to eat outside as often as they want so no restaurant reviews... tasteem also powered down very drastically so I think that is another factor. Their 19% upvote used to be 1 to 2 STU. Now their 80% upvote is less than 1 STU. Those who used to join the contests may no longer be as excited as before. I will still join if I have qualified entries, though. 😊

Yep no restaurants open no new foods to report unfortunately we can write about our home cooking kitchen restaurant services to our family....hehe :)

I just wish I know how to cook... :)

I am shocked every Asian girl i know cooks yummy food even i cook yummy Asian food i will have to come over and teach you :))

Yeah, you can come over to teach me. Just wish that I won't run away. 😂

When my mother would instruct me to cook when I was young, I would find a way to get away. I would volunteer tending to our animals in the province or even going to the farm rather than cook. 😃

Nice restaurant! I agree "it does not look like a typical cafeteria in a hospital". Looks cozy and clean indeed. Your "goto" looks delicious. ;)

p.s. Watermelon is my most favorite fruit. (my nickname "Tangmo" in Thai means watermelon) It's tasty and can make me feel refreshed among hot weather like this. (around 36 C)

Oh! I haven't known before that "it is number one on the list of fruits that are not recommended for hypo-allergenic diet".

36°C!? Wow, that is hot! Is that your normal temperature during summer time like this? We have that high temperature during summer but in the northern part of the country, about 12 hours travel by land from here in Metro Manila.

Tangmo is watermelon? I never thought your nickname here means that fruit.😊 Yeah, watermelon is perfect for summer. I wish I can find one when I go out this Saturday for my weekend groceries. I would love to have it while I don't have allergy attack. 😊

Yes, it's very hot indeed. April is the hottest month of the year in Thailand. In the North-East of Thailand, the temperature is sometimes up to 40 - 42 C.

Yeah! I was born in January that is watermelon season here...

I hope you are fine and don't have allergy attack, so you can eat watermelon during this summer happily.... ;)

Ma'am your so bless you visit place to another eat yummy foods God bless ma'am and take care.

Yes, I think I am still blessed even if I was in the hospital that time. Life is still good in spite of all these challenges!

May God bless you too! Stay safe and healthy. 🙏


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