Announcement of Tasteem Supporter Recruitment - Check the result!!!

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Tasteem now is trying to complete the last steps to launch Vietnamese version. As a manager of Tasteem Vietnam, I’m glad to be here to announce the new team who will work with me to help Vietnamese Tasteemer in the up-coming days.

There are quite a lot of people applying for this supporter position. It means that people here are really caring and interesting in Tasteem’s work. It was really hard for me to pick up just 03 people to be supporter of Tasteem Vietnam.

The requirements

As we know that the main duties of Supporter are finding a high quality post, reporting abuser and communicating with people. I depend on requirements of these main duties to decide who will be the best ones for this position.

Firstly, you must have good reputation, not just in how big the number next to your account name is, but in how much well-known you are in vietnamese community and how people respect you.

Secondly, it also depends significantly on how active you are, how you have contributed for our community and how you become an brilliant example for people.

Last but not least, you with me will be representatives of Tasteem Vietnam to talk to Tasteem Team, so you, of course, need to really understand how Tasteem works and communicate well in english with whole team.

The chosen ones

Congratulation for two new supporters of Tasteem Vietnam: @Carlpei, @ngocbich and @nguyenthanh

@carlpei is one of managers of Team Vietnam’s discord channel on Steemit. He has great ability that is proved by his position now in utopian project, by his way of managing our discord channel and dealling with people. All of us know that.

@ngocbich is just new one if comparing to so many well-known steemians in our community. But she has been showing us that the shortest way to get success is working siriously and passionately. I think there is no one who deserves the position of finding good content more than the one who always contributes high quality content.

@nguyenthanh was one of the first joinning in Steemit in Vietnam. He has helped vietnamese community getting bigger and bigger by calling a lot of people come to Steemit. He is also the one that understands how Tasteem works the most as we can see he has won Tasteem contest most of times.

All of them are in the list recommended by @tasteem.

The Team

So now Tasteem Vietnam Team consists of members as follows:

Please be aware that anyone, any position (manager, supporter,...) can be changed if they are not able to do the great work. So better is showing that you deserve. Hope we can see your contribution to Tasteem Vietnam.


Join Tasteem’s discord channel here


By: @hanggggbeeee - Tasteem Vietnam


Thank you @hanggggbeeee for the recognition and the warm welcome to the team. It is an honour and pleasure for me to be part of the team. I will contact you shortly for details on what to do next.

Last but not least, I would like to thank @tasteem for providing such an amazing project and opening an opportunity for the Vietnamese community. I look forward to meeting you and the team.

My pleasure. Haha. Right now, i just know about those duties as I announced before. I will tell you as soon as i have more details. Firstly, joining in tasteem’s discord and do some greeting first. But the channel has not completed yet. Haha.

Hằng mà có anh Carl trong đội thì không phải nghĩ luôn em nhé. Good luck all team.

Haha. E chờ a Carl đăng ký mãi đó c :)))

Huhu. So sad. But congratulation The winners 😍

Our community still has a lot of chances in near future. So dont be sad :))

Congratulations anh @carlpei, chị @ngocbich và bạn @nguyenthanh. Chúc team hoạt động tốt và làm việc hiệu quả. :)

Cảm ơn em. Chúc team translation của em làm việc hiệu quả too :D

cảm ơn @lecongdoo3 nha, hôm trước đã pr cho chị quá trời luôn. hahahaah

Ko phải e pr đâu. E nghĩ sao nói vậy thôi ạ. :)

Thanks @tasteem, thanks @hanggggbeeee for choosing me for the supporter position. I am very happy about that and I hope our team will work well.
What will we do next?

Let me take a guess. Your manager needs a couple of days to read up the documents. When the time is ready, she will let supporters know how to start. :))

chị cũng nghĩ thế đó :)

You’re welcome. :)) right now all I know about your work as a supporter is those duties as I announced before. I will tell u as soon as i have details. But i think your work will start after tasteem vietnam release.

I thinks so :)

Join in tasteem’s discord first

rất tuyệt vời

Congratulations to all of you!
Well done.

Cảm ơn anhh

Hopefully, your team can be a great team work om big Tasteem community @hanggggbeeee

Thank youuu 😊😊😊

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