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RE: Announcement of Tasteem Supporter Recruitment - Check the result!!!

in #tasteem3 years ago

Thank you @hanggggbeeee for the recognition and the warm welcome to the team. It is an honour and pleasure for me to be part of the team. I will contact you shortly for details on what to do next.

Last but not least, I would like to thank @tasteem for providing such an amazing project and opening an opportunity for the Vietnamese community. I look forward to meeting you and the team.


My pleasure. Haha. Right now, i just know about those duties as I announced before. I will tell you as soon as i have more details. Firstly, joining in tasteem’s discord and do some greeting first. But the channel has not completed yet. Haha.

Hằng mà có anh Carl trong đội thì không phải nghĩ luôn em nhé. Good luck all team.

Haha. E chờ a Carl đăng ký mãi đó c :)))