Café Rouge - A Blind Date Home Run For Tasteem in York, England. #fff #54

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This contender has some explaining to do. Firstly, it’s due on Friday and here I am putting it together on Saturday morning—there’s a reason for that. Secondly, this restaurant review is a blind date challenge hosted by @tasteem and, seeing how the lovely @puravidaville and I have been married for nearly three years, the only thing blind about our dates anymore is the restaurant. But, we’re married, what that means is, just because the dates aren’t blind doesn’t mean they aren’t occasionally deaf. 😉

Ok, truth be told, :confession: I had this contender geared up and trained to enter this Be Veggie challenge hosted by @tasteem which I would’ve also made a mess with over at the @foodfightfriday kitchen. Well, one thing led to another and we were invited by a really cool couple we met to spend Friday (yesterday) in Liverpool England—home of The Beatles. All it took was one day and it’s safe to say Pura and I found our new parking spot for the next six months—Liverpool is’fa king awesome!
There’s a restaurant review in here somewhere... 🤔

Liverpool—multiple street performers, a handful of buskers, easy access to Ireland, a plethora of Middle Eastern food, an entire community who despises the national newspaper, easy access to public transportation, a hub for bands on world tours and a bunch of other cool stuff like the same markets who serve vegan cake and coffee also have an entire row of natural peanut butter, another row with every flavor tea you can imagine and, directly across the street, at one of the many local record stores, is a Bitcoin ATM.




What’s that got to do with a blind date, right? Well, nothing. Like I said, I had this contender prepared to compete in this Be Veggie challenge. However, when @tasteem announced this Blind Date challenge I knew I needed to enter them both because the challenge clearly states:


Happy ending.

Well then, it looks like Pura and I are going to have to force ourselves to enjoy another lunch deaf blind date (ah, shucks!) because, well, we’re in a new area, I need a contender, and we both enjoy a good excuse to try new food—thanks, @tasteem! Besides that, it’s in black & white ya’all, the guideline clearly states the date turns out to be a happy ending—I’m in! I’m wondering if I should’ve gone with a different choice of words on that one. 🤔 Anywho...

Welcome to Cafe Rogue located at 52 Low Petergate in York, England. YO1 7HZ.

York was founded in 71 AD. I wrote an article about it earlier this week, seeing how I haven’t been able to stop my thumbs from rambling since I started this thing, I’ll just link the article here and get on with this frikkin restaurant review!

For those of you just tuning in, my wife and I are kind of particular about the food we eat. Cafe Rogue has something on the menu for everyone’s unique eating preference.



The atmosphere inside the joint is really nice and comfortable, there’s an upstairs dining area as well as downstairs, the staff is really friendly and informative, the walls are decorated with nostalgia and there’s comfortable outdoor seating.



I ordered the pea & asparagus risotto with baby spinach, courgette, green beans and sun dried tomatoes with a side of sweet potato fries. The stunning @puravidaville ordered an oven baked salmon with asparagus, samphire, crushed new potatoes served in a Café de Paris Béarnaise and we shared a baguette & hummus appetizer.




Café Rogue was so good you guys, delicious, we’ll definitely be going back—did you see that risotto?! I could’ve easily used it as a cover image, don’t you think? Here, I’ll show you again since I’ve already turned this contender into a marathon anyway, what’s one two more pictures??


Nah... We didn’t like it all. Can you tell?

Same place next week, deal? Thanks a lot for hanging out with me again, this wouldn’t be a happy ending without you, have a great weekend.



Restaurant Information

Café Rouge
52 Low Petergate, York YO1 7HZ, UK

Café Rouge - A Blind Date Home Run For Tasteem in York, England. #fff #54
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Another great choice for both of you guys. The place looks cozy and the food indeed, worth it!

Thanks for sharing with Tasteem

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You’re very welcome, thank you for reading this one.

Thanks for stopping by @anggereklestari.


Nice place and nice atmosphere. Thanks for sharing

You’re very welcome. Thanks for stopping by @libertycrypto27.

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Great review for a place to date and love the way you write too!

I’m going with ‘love’ on this one. Autocorrect changed love to lost—that’s my final answer. 😉 How’s it goin Joelai? I’m glad you liked this one, thanks a lot for checking it out.

Thanks for stopping by @joelai.

You got it right, it's LOVE! As the theme is a place to create love!

Wow what a quaint place , Café Rouge, the food looks yummy, give me some of that risotto please. So that place is in York, but you went to Liverpool with some new friends. Sounds wonderful. A bitcoin ATM, awesome. Plus a happy ending? Man o man, you are one lucky dog. Enjoy!

Only the luckiest guy I know, that’s all.

Correct, we were in Liverpool with some people we met, really nice people, they’ve toured us around twice now, how cool is that??

I had planned on adding the Cafe Rouge to my York article, I would’ve just added our lunch date to the article and then tasteem announced that ‘happy ending’ challenge and I had to make some adjustments. No way I was letting that one slip by.

Thanks for stopping by @farm-mom and thank you very much for all of your support around here.

So glad you are making new friends, exciting. Funny story, when we went on our honeymoon, the very first day, we met a great couple that we just connected to right off. Spent the rest of the week with them everyday and had a blast. But being newlyweds, they to were newlyweds, both couples took frequent "naps", but always showed up later to resume the party. A little happier I might add. lol

All this nap talk is making me tired. <— the PG version.

Your Food Fight Friday Contender has been entered into Round 54
May your contender make it out alive and not be placed in a permanent food coma!
Good Luck


Howdy sir dandays! wow another really cool looking restaurant too. So basically you guys just go out to eat everyday for tasteem? Hey if the price rises significantly will tasteem be paying for the meals?
Liverpool sounds like a perfect match for you, at least for now!

at least for now.

Well said my virtual friend—touché. I’m looking forward to it. It seemed a lot more our style, I’m learning quite a bit out here, you and I are blessed having been raised in the US, that’s what I think. Liverpool ‘feels’ the most familiar I guess you could say. London is really nice too, just a little spendy.

You know, tasteem was pointed out to me on one of the reviews I did for food fight. Figured, well, I’ve been doing this for #fff anyway, why not give it a shot? Funny. Did you know this one got third place? Crazy, right? Eh, the other one you commented on, the one where people live on those cramped boats, can you believe that one got first place?

I already know you don’t go out to eat so I won’t even try to talk you into it. 👍🏿

Thanks for stopping by @janton, have a good week.

Howdy again sir dandays! lol...well one of my favorite things to do is to go out to eat! I love that and finding new restaurants but right now in our situation it just isn't happening, hopefully in the near future things will chang though.

Congratulations on the tasteem placings! yes I believe those placements, very fun, entertaining and informational posts as always! Did you do the math of whether your reviews will pay for themselves when the price of steem goes up?


Thank you for entering our <Where to eat for my blind date?> Contest . Thanks to @dandays, Tasteem has become a more attractive guide. We upvote your post, wish you the best of luck in winning our Contest!

Thanks for having me @tasteem. Great platform ya’all got.

nice restaurant

I’m glad you liked it @o4wx. Thank you.

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Don't recall ever having risotto. And by your post im guessing it's good, got a recipe for me to try?

Love that you are still in England!!

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Receipt? Respiratory? Wait, what did you say? Shoooot. I’m still learning how eat without my elbows on the table, or was it Off the table? 🤔 I’m a long way away from reciprocity... or whatever the heck they’re called.

Foxy! What’s happening my favorite tattooed Canadian, long time no hear. Well, long time in Steemit world. How’s the kids? They off to college and married yet?

Thanks for keeping an eye on me, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by @foxyspirit.

Haha! No the kids are still young, too young for marriage! Don't make them grow up too quick 😝

It has been a while. Busy summer over here, making the most of it!

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You have definitely found your stride with this whole Tasteem reviewer gig. ;) I always find a good giggle (or three) throughout your posts, and this was no exception. Does it still count as a happy ending if I'm just starting the day here? Of course yet again you guys have managed to find a slick restaurant with some delicious grub. Good thing I've got my avocado toast going at the moment so I don't lick the screen...

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t have a good time seeing what I can get away with these things. Plus, did you see their Upvotes? Ooh wee. Their 15% is like $2.

Glad I can make you laugh, chef! Thanks for returning the favor. Your cover image comment was a good one. The comment... not the image! Haha!!!! See, it’s comments like that where I really Hope I’m not the only one laughing.

It absolutely counts as a happy ending. You’re here—that’s all it takes. 👍🏿

Thanks for stopping by @plantstoplanks, you guys have a good weekend.

That is a pretty solid upvote! I just have this problem right now where I continue to buy way too much from the farmers market, so it is rarer for us to actually go out to eat than seeing Bigfoot riding a unicorn over a rainbow. Though perhaps one of these days I'll get to throw it down for one of the Be Veggie weeks. ;)

Until then I'll just live vicariously through yours and Pura's delicious meals in those rad UK restaurants!

Hi @dandays, how are you doing? I hope you and your beautiful wife are in good health. Do you now live in the UK, sir. Your blind date must be very fun. Moreover, the restaurant is very clean and comfortable. I saw the food you shared. looks really good. You have successfully made my saliva come out, man. In my life I have never eaten at a restaurant
expensive and classy. You are really lucky, sir. Have a nice day.

I’m the luckiest guy I know Eliana. Hello, happy Saturday. You really humbled me with this one. What do you mean expensive? Would you mind telling me how often you go to a restaurant? The one in this article came out to $23, does that seem like a normal price compared to where you are. Thanks in advance, I’m curious to know the answers.

We don’t live in UK but we’re definitely living in UK. We’re both pleasantly surprised and I don’t see ya leaving anytime soon.

We are both in good health these days and feel great, I hope the same for you and yours only even healthier and greater.

Thanks for stopping by @elianaelisma.

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@dandays I am not girl , I am a boy dear first name is Aditya. :-)

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lol! That sure is funny.

Good morning @adityajainxds, happy Sunday. I’ve never had to explain this one that’s why I think it’s funny. What I meant by that was the wOrd “free” and the wOrd “curate” are great! Great like girls, not saying you are a girl, I’m just saying girls are great. And whoever doesn’t like things that are great, like girls, need to have a talk with themselves (or something).

That was fun explaining that one.

I’m Dan, nice to meet you Aditya.

@dandays hahaha it's nice explanation , but I am very happy Boz of this explanation , the reason behind is that I got a new friend and shoes name is " dan " . You are on discord dear we can have chat their sometimes. Please send me your id I add you their.

So would that be a ménage trois then?

We always chowing down some yummy food, huh? Love you babe!

Better than a manüre trõt. 🤔 Get it? Ménage.... yeah, muah!

Yes we are, aren’t we? God is great.

All the time, that’s when.

What a very detailed review! This just looks like a very nice restaurant to have a blind date. Just looking at your last photos showed how good the food was. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a great day!

You’re very welcome, I’m glad you liked it. About the last picture showing how much we enjoyed the food—“guilty!”

Thanks for stopping by @sgbonus.