Tasteem March 2019 – Activities, Posts, Rewards and Top Tasteemers

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If you find it interesting to take photos of your food and restaurants and post it on social media, Tasteem may be the right thing for you :).

This is an update for @tasteem data in March 2019. Previous posts on Tasteem data for February 2019 can be found on Tasteem February 2019.

Activities on the crypto project usually follows the price. March seems to be a month with just a slight recovery in the crypto world, similar as the previous month. After a long period of prices going down, we have seen a little bit green in beginning of 2019. How this effected the Tasteem project, and how are the overall activities on the platform will be presented as follows.


For those who don’t know Tasteem is rewarding its users for restaurant reviews. People can take a photo of the place they eat and the food and drinks, arrange it in a manner that is required, post it and get reward in form of upvotes.

The data for March 2019 was collected from the Steem blockchain, arranged and presented here.

Activity on Tasteem

Activity on the platform is in posts and comments. Tasteemers post their reviews from the web platform tasteem.io. Later they get upvote from Tasteem as a reward. Also, there are ongoing contests, and the winner gets even bigger reward.

All the posts and comments made on the Tasteem web are ending on the Steem blockchain.
Posts and comments can be made on their web, but also from the other steem interfaces like Steemit, Partiko, Busy, Esteem etc. Because of this, two sets of data for activities were analysed. The first is showing all the post and comments with the tasteem tag, and the second one is for the posts and comment made only with the tasteem.app.

Below is a chart for the overall activities on Tasteem, starting from May 2018 till march 2019.


As expected, there was a lot of activities when the platform started, and the prices was high. Then as the prices dropped, so does the activities. Tasteem manged to retain its users and stayed in the range of 600 to 800 activities per day. The sharp drop in the end of October is due to the Hardfork. In the last month we can notice a slight increase in the activities on the platform.

Let’s take a closer look at March 2019.

The total number of posts and comments is shown in the chart below. Data for each day was collected and presented on this graph.


The white column are the total activities containing the tasteem tag, the gray bar represents the activities made with the Tasteem web interface.

As expected, the overall data containing the tasteem tag have more activities that the posts and comments made only through the Tasteem interface.

The total number of posts and comments on Tasteem in March 2019 is 20.761, out of which 10.204 posted from the Tasteem web.

There is a big difference. Apparently, users post and comment a lot about Tasteem from the other interfaces as well.

What does the overall activities number on Tasteem in March 2019 tells?

Well this have been a stable month in terms of activity with a slight increase in activities. The number of activities oscillated trough the month with an average of 700 posts and comments on a daily basis. The average from the Tasteem web is around 330. The averages are bigger then the February ones when they were 600 and 300.

Posts on Tasteem in March 2019

As mentioned, activities on the platform are in terms of post and comments. Below is a graph on posts on Tasteem.


The total number of posts on Tasteem in March 2019 is 2.845, out of which 1.526 posted from the Tasteem web.

As for the overall activities, here as well we can see that March has been a stable month in terms of activity. The number of activities oscillated trough the month with an average of 90 posts on a daily basis. The average from the Tasteem web is around 50. The averages are bigger then the February ones when they were 80 and 40.

Comments on Tasteem in March 2019

Below is the graph on comments on Tasteem in March 2019.


The total number of comments on Tasteem in March 2019 is 17.916, out of which 8.678 posted from the Tasteem web.

The trends here follow the same as for the posts.

Great job from the Tasteem community on the engagement side. Actively commenting.

Tasteem Votes in March 2019

As already mentioned, Tasteem votes on restaurant reviews that meet the criteria.
Here how that looks in March 2019.


The total number of posts voted from Tasteem in March 2019 is 2.976

The number of daily votes is quite stable in March 2019 with on average 90 votes per day. It is almost the same as the number of votes in February 2019, when the total number of votes was 2.948.

Number of Monthly Users Voted

Tasteem have around 1 million SP that it uses to rewards its users with votes. The number of Tasteemers that received a vote from @tasteem is an interesting to follow.
This shows how many users @tasteem supported with their vote. Below is a chart with a number of monthly users that received vote from Tasteem.


A Total of 368 unique users received a vote from Tasteem in March 2019.
This is a nice number of users supported by Tasteem. There is a small increase in the number of users voted from Tasteem compared to February when this number was 355. February has less days then March so we can say the number of users supported by Tasteem remains the same.

Number of Unique Authors

As already mentioned, we have seen a small increase of the crypto prices. Has this contributed in increasing the number of authors posting on Tasteem?

Below is a chart with the number of unique users that posted on Tasteem.


3823 authors have posted on Tasteem

The char represent the number of unique users, that posted or commented on Tasteem. Not a daily or monthly active ones. Still we can see that a new users continued coming to the platform.

Interesting we can see a wave of new users in March 2019. After a period of slow growth there are new users that startred posting in the beginning of 2019. Almost 400 new users posted on Tasteem in March 2019, both in terms of posts and comments.

Top 20 Tasteemers in March 2019

Below is a table with top Tasteemers ranked by number of reviews made in March 2019.


Congratulation to the top Tasteemers in March 2019!
On the first place is @napole, second is @sean2masaak, and on the third place @fernwehninja. Interesting the first two have more than 30 reviews in March 2019. Meaning there was a days when they did more than one review. They have been quite busy. Congrats.


The number of restaurants reviews have gone up in March. The post count made from the tatseem web went from 1050 in February to 1526 in March. The number of users receiving votes from Tatseem remained almost the same as in February, around 360. The total number of votes also remained stable with around 3000 votes coming from the @tasteem account on a monthly basis. The number of unique authors that interacted with the Tasteem platform grow for about 400 in March, and the total number of unique users, now is 3823.

The top authors reviewed more than 30 restaurants! Great job from them.

All the best

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