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Tasteem was born in 2018. It was the first year for the dApp on the Steem blockchain. Tasteem is rewarding its users for restaurant reviews 😊. It is quite an interesting thing to do. Instead of taking photos from the food and putting it on the social media, one can put a bit more effort in it, make a review, post it and get reward for it. This is also a great way to make a restaurant database. Later people can use it when deciding should they visit the place or not. The official web is tasteem.io.


@tasteem was launched in the beginning of May 2018. It hasn’t been around for the whole year. Because of this the analysis made here will be just for the part of the year @tasteem was active in. For @tasteem as well as for other crypto projects this period was quite a rough one. The prices went down from the ATH in January 2018 and everybody was a little bit down. It is a real challenge to bring product to life in this kind of circumstances. Still they went with the project and make it happen.

My fiancée, @elihs was doing the Tasteem reviews in the year that passed. Whenever we visit a place, we are taking the necessary photos. Then she is arranging it, and post it.

In this overview, daily data will be presented for Tasteem, like delegations, posts and comments, number of posts and users voted on, average vote worth, number of users and the top Tasteemers for the year.

Scope of Analysis

The analysis was carried out for the period from 01.01.2018 to 31.12.2018. Data from the STEEM blockchain was used and details of the queries can be found at the bottom of this post.

Tasteem Delegations History

Tasteem has started humble, but quickly gained a delegation from @misterdelegation. It has delegated around one million SP in the beginning of June 2018. This allows Tasteem to attract users to its platform and reward them with votes for their content.

Tasteem doesn’t have an SMT yet, as some other dApps and they don’t receive delegations from the community. There is no system for rewarding delegators with votes and tokens. Maybe this is something they can bring up in the future.

Here is a graph on SP delegated to Tasteem in 2018.


Tasteem got it first delegation from @jaewoocho with around 170k SP, and the later a big delegation from @misterdelegation. Until the end of the year @jaewoocho reduced its delegation on two occasions. At the moment @tasteem holds 1.082.220 SP.

Activity on Tasteem

Activity on the platform is in posts and comments. Tasteemers post their reviews from the web platform tasteem.io. Later they get upvote from Tasteem as a reward. Also there are ongoing contests, and the winner gets even bigger reward.

The total number of posts and comments is show in the chart below. Data for each day was collected and presented on this graph.


The total number of posts and comments on Tasteem in 2018 is around 207.000

There was some data on activity even before May, but it was insignificant. I guess this was some test. From the middle of May, there is a massive growth in activity. It went up to 2000 of posts and comments per day. Then it stabilze it self on about a 1000 per day, until the middle of October. Then comes the Hardfork and drop in activity, and after that it started to decline till the end of the year, reaching an average 600 posts and comments per day.

Looking at this chart @tasteem had an amazing start and stayed stable till October. Then stated to decline, probably because of the massive drop in price of the crypto.

Notice on the data. At the end of June there was a massive increase in posts. Almost 10 fold in a day. When I checked the data and the posts this looked like abuse. There was only a single photo posting on those posts. Also @tasteem was fighting this abuse as well and removing these posts from reward. Because this was such a dramatic increase in posts, I took the liberty and corrected the data for the end days of June (4 days), and bring them to average. Otherwise the graph loose sense. There is huge spike and the rest of the variation in the graph is almost unnoticeable. This correction is made for the others graphs that follows as well.

Below is a breakdown of posts and comments and their movement in 2018.


The total number of Tasteem posts in 2018 is 26,466.

Not all of this post are restaurant reviews since there is posts just related to Tasteem, but probably more than 90% of the posts are reviews. That is quite a data. More than a 20.000 reviewed on Tasteem in 2018! Here as well we can notice an amazing start in activity, with quite a spike in the beginning. The spikes in the begging should be taken with reserve due to the possible abuse posts, as I mentioned above. Here as well I try to correct some of the data, but it is not perfect.

Here we can see a similar pattern as in the overall activity. A fast growth in May, stable activity until middle of October and then a slow decline to around a 70 reviews per day at the end of the year.

Tasteem reviews are quite detailed. Tasteem has a policy what the review should be like. Photos from the restaurant exterior, interior, menu, food, drinks, and how was the staff. This can be a great place to look for a review on a restaurant when traveling. Would be great if they made it easy to search on web, with locations, different filters etc.


The total number of comments on Tasteem in 2018 is 181.208.

Commenting on the platform is almost the same as the previous graphs. At the end of the year there is around 500 daily comment on average.

Number of posts voted

As already mentioned, Tasteem votes on restaurant reviews that meet the criteria.
Here how that looks in 2018.


The total number of posts voted from Tasteem in 2018 was 29.985

Here as well we can notice a fast growth in the beginning and then in the middle of June it grows again. This is due to the delegation from @misterdelagtion. It has become more attractive for users to post. Then it follows the same pattern as the posts.

Number of Tasteemers

The number of Tasteemers that received a vote from @tasteem is an interesting to follow.
This shows how many users @tasteem supported with their vote. Below is a chart with a number of monthly users that received vote from Tasteem.


A Total of 2585 users received a vote from Tasteem in 2018.

This is a nice number of users supported by Tasteem. Here as well we can see a masive increase in june 2018, reaching 1200 monthy users that were voted from Tasteem. There is a drop in the next months. This is probably due to a more strict voting policie from Tasteem. After Aughust the number stabilze itself aroun 600 monthly users, but then droped in December.

Below is a chart with the number of unique users that posted on Tasteem in 2018.


The char represent the number o unique users, not a daily or monthly active ones. Still we can see that a new users continued to arive to the platfor in all of the 2018. The biggest growth is in June, and then it is slowly growing till the end of the year. In the period afte august 2018, more than 600 users tryied the platform. In 2018 a total of 2585 posted on the Tasteem platform and received a vote.

Daily Average Vote Value in STEEM

Tasteem is voting with difrent vote weight on the posts. The average weight for 2018 is around 5,6%. Lets see how much is this in STEEM. Below is a chart of daily average worth of Tasteem vote in steem.


The daily average value of the vote in 2018 is around 3,8 STEEM

The vote depends on the SP the account holds and the number of posts it votes on. The spikes on the chart are usually days when there is not much votes, but a couple of more heavy votes. We can notice that there is a drop in June. Again, this is because of the abuse and a lot of posts that were posted in that period. Later the vote value stabilize itself on average of 6 STEEM per vote at the end of the year.

Tasteem has generated more than a 100k SP in reward in 2018.

Note to the vote values. These values are not directly from the blockchain, but calculated. For this purpose the daily SP that the account holds is used, then the weight of the vote, and a theoretical value of the 95% Tasteem vote. The curator share is also removed.

The vote values is not 100% accurate but approximate.

Top Tasteemers in 2018

Below is a table with top Tasteemers ranked by rewards from Tasteem.


Congratulation to the top Tasteemers in 2018! You have been visiting quite a lot of restaurants 😊.
On the first place is @allsale, second is @hjk96, and on the third place @goodhello. If some Tasteemer who is not in the top 200 wants to know the ranking for his account feel free to ask in the comment.


Tasteem is a project for people with taste 😊. It has started its journey in 2018 and it hasn’t been around even for a year. We can see that it had a great start, growing very fast in the first month, and even an attempts to abuse the platform. After the start the activity stabilized itself until October 2018, after what its started do decline slowly, following the low price in the crypto world. It should be noticed that this was very bad period for the STEEM token dropping in value from around 1$ to 0,23$ at a time. Still the platform maintained most of its users, an even get new ones in this period. A total of 2585 users posted from the Tasteem web in 2018, and more than 20.000 reviews on restaurants.

Wish them successful and remarkable 2019!

Tools and Scripts

The data was gathered in Excel From Steemsql held and managed by @arcange.
The query used to get vote information was

    Source = Sql.Database("vip.steemsql.com", "DBSteem", [Query="SELECT#(lf)*#(lf)FROM #(lf)Txvotes (NOLOCK)#(lf)#(lf)WHERE [voter] in ('tasteem')#(lf)and CONVERT(DATE,timestamp) BETWEEN '2018-01-01' AND '2018-12-31'"]),
    #"Added Custom" = Table.AddColumn(Source, "% weight", each [weight]/10000),
    #"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(#"Added Custom",{{"% weight", Percentage.Type}}),
    #"Added Custom1" = Table.AddColumn(#"Changed Type", "Current vote worth", each 50),
    #"Added Custom2" = Table.AddColumn(#"Added Custom1", "approx vote $", each [Current vote worth]*[#"% weight"]),
    #"Changed Type1" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(#"Added Custom2",{{"timestamp", type date}, {"approx vote $", type number}})
    #"Changed Type1"

The query used to get post information was

    Source = Sql.Database("vip.steemsql.com", "DBSteem", [Query="SELECT#(lf)    author,#(lf)json_metadata,#(lf) permlink,#(lf)      total_payout_value,#(lf)    pending_payout_value,#(lf)    net_votes,#(lf)    created,#(lf)    children,#(lf)    Category,#(lf)    Depth#(lf)#(lf)FROM comments (NOLOCK)#(lf)where CONVERT(DATE,created) BETWEEN '2018-01-01' AND '2018-12-31' and#(lf)contains (json_metadata, 'tasteem')#(lf)#(lf)#(lf)#(lf)"]),
    #"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Source,{{"created", type date}})
    #"Changed Type"

The query used to get delegations was

    Source = Sql.Database("vip.steemsql.com", "DBSteem", [Query="SELECT#(lf)TxDelegateVestingShares.*,#(lf)Convert(date, TxDelegateVestingShares.timestamp) as [Date],#(lf)Convert(time, TxDelegateVestingShares.timestamp) as [Time]#(lf)FROM #(lf)TxDelegateVestingShares (NOLOCK)#(lf)#(lf)WHERE TxDelegateVestingShares.delegatee = 'tasteem'"]),
#"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Source,{{"Date", type date}})
    #"Changed Type"

GitHub Account

All the best

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Hi @dalz, great analysis again, and the Tasteem team seems to like it as well - congratulations! :) The data shows that tasteem is doing pretty well, despite the overall decreasing activity on Steem. I like that you took a detailed look on the spike in June and adjusted the display of data around that time! Also the method to calculate the STEEM-equivalent values is well explained.
Unfortunately, the post is not in the scope of Utopian, since tasteem is currently not an open source project. So I can't help with more than my own few cents from a vote - sorry!

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Thanks @crokkon.
I realized that at the end, when I was looking for the repository :)
Still I decide to give it a go, since I was not entirely sure. No worries, it was an interesting analysis to do, and yes the vote from the Tasteem team is a great recognition.
Thank you for your support as well! It has a bigger value then a couple of cents :).


Thank you for your review, @crokkon! Keep up the good work!

@dalz Thank you very much for your great analysis of our platform!! Upvoted & Resteemed


Thank you :)
It was a plessure doing it.

Thank you for you analysis


You welcome :)

Wow, thank you for presenting data about Tasteem. I just found out that I'm included in the top tasteemers because I never saw the data deeper.


Congrats to you :)

Again a very detailled and great analysis. I only looked once into this app, but did not use it yet.

Your post motivates me to give it a try! Thanks so much!


Thanks Peter :)
It is an interesting project, and something you can do on a side note, when visiting a restaurant.

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Thank you for sharing this information, I am one of the top 20 Tasteemers,😊


You welcome :)

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