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RE: Alnwick Lodge - A Tasteem Review

in #tasteem4 years ago

Really enjoyed! Damn! I feel like when I visit next I got to definitely get out of London:)

I like your comment that “no weird stuff” in breakfast. :) Kind of classic especially traditional B&B places. Makes the experience more complete.


There's a lot more to the UK than what we call, 'the city'. People talk strange in different areas.

If you are from the US you may have trouble understanding us.

I had to slow down my speech when I lived in AZ, otherwise, I got, 'huh's' all the time!

I try and accommodate Americans now, as I have learned this from experience.

He he... I see what you are saying. It is actually quite similar here as well. I used to travel quite a bit in the deep rural south in the US for geological field work. I didn’t understand most things that were said to me :) it sometimes took me a while to understand that it is actually English that was spoken :) But it’s all fun. Usually people are very friendly.


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