Alnwick Lodge - A Tasteem Review

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Alnwick Lodge must be one of the strangest places we have ever stayed at. To say it's the 'House that Jack Built' would be pertinent, to say the least.


We were scheduled to leave early in the morning but not before the included breakfast.

As such I can't present a bill but the accomodation was around £60 a night.


The landlord is very accommodating and questioning him yielded some interesting answers.

He’s been the owner since 1986 and the Lodge was once a farmhouse ruin.


Since then he’s added all these personal items which create a unique look to the place.

Far from being in the middle of nowhere Alnwick Lodge is right off the A1, a major road that connects London to Edinburgh.

You can’t just walk in here and order breakfast; you need to be a guest.


Have you ever sat around a roasting fire for your breakfast?

If the logs get low, feel free to load more up’, says the landlord cheerily.


That’s him in the picture behind the cereals and fruit juices in the 1980s.


The coffee was decent and so was that yoghurt with jam, bananas, and berries which proved to be an appetiser before the main course.


I asked if it was normal to have breakfast in this room next to a roaring fire?

Oh no, there’s a large dining room through there’, he mentions poking his arm in another direction.

You’re my only guests and so I thought it would be a more comfortable here

Fair enough, it’s just a little strange, I thought.


Looking around the walls are loaded up with farming instruments, poles, hoes, bear traps, and pitchforks.

A haven for visiting farmers or maybe poachers.

'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was running through my head at one point'


So how about the breakfast?


Well, it was wholesome, I cannot say otherwise.

The egg was runny and the beans were not 'Asda Big Value' ones. Trust me, I can tell with the taste.

There was a strange taste to all of the food. Personally, I think he had gone a little over the top with some spices and pepper or something.


It could have been great, but leave the crazy spices off my breakfast thanks.

@bingbabe agreed, also going for the Big Fat Unhealthy Heart Attack Inducing Full English breakfast.

Do you get my drift? I don't eat this food every day or I would probably be dead quite soon. It's not exactly good for us.

TripAdvisor boasts mixed reviews regarding Alnwick Lodge. If you don't expect 5-star treatment and plush surroundings then it's all good.


My personal opinion is that it's quirky, unique and friendly. The breakfast could have been better.

If you eat there, suggest to the landlord that you would like no 'weird stuff' on your food.

Restaurant Information

Alnwick Lodge
West Cawledge Park, Northumberland, Alnwick NE66 2HJ, UK

Alnwick Lodge - A Tasteem Review
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Really enjoyed! Damn! I feel like when I visit next I got to definitely get out of London:)

I like your comment that “no weird stuff” in breakfast. :) Kind of classic especially traditional B&B places. Makes the experience more complete.

There's a lot more to the UK than what we call, 'the city'. People talk strange in different areas.

If you are from the US you may have trouble understanding us.

I had to slow down my speech when I lived in AZ, otherwise, I got, 'huh's' all the time!

I try and accommodate Americans now, as I have learned this from experience.

He he... I see what you are saying. It is actually quite similar here as well. I used to travel quite a bit in the deep rural south in the US for geological field work. I didn’t understand most things that were said to me :) it sometimes took me a while to understand that it is actually English that was spoken :) But it’s all fun. Usually people are very friendly.


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I like that kind of place but I do agree, no funny spices on breakfast!!

Our bedroom was directly above that fire. We were breathing fumes all night and woke up spitting fire. However... thats nothing to do with the bacon.

Sounds a bit ropey! Unless you were a dragon of course!

Fire and smoke fumes penetrate floors and mattresses, it was nice and warm though!

I actually hate it when hotels are too warm as they always seem to be but a decent level of snugness is good!

the place looks like a homey atmosphere, but yeah it looks a little weird :)

The appetizer looks promising, but hmm the beans on the main course look very weird 😁


If there's a chair on the roof, you have definitely entered 'The Twilight Zone'!

The brekkie looked OK though. I like my sausages done like that. It does look like an 80s equivalent of 'boutique' style though. Glad he didn't murder you as you slept though....I'd have slept with a pitchfork by the bed just in case !

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Aye, the chair was not there as a temporary decoration. You can see the madness in the design!

Beans are part of an English breakfast so no biggie on that side! It was them spices I could have done without.

What kind of weird stuff do you think was on it. I see you mentioned pepper, but that isn't too weird. I liberally pepper my eggs when I make them. This does look like an interesting place for sure!

Well, I'm not sure. Nothing I have tasted before, but we survived and lived to tell the tale.

One of these days I would like to do a tour of Europe and stay at places like this. Hoever, I have visions of the movie 'Hostel' and quickly move to other thoughts.

I notice visitors from the US always love our quirky stuff, especially the history. There's a lot to be seen, it's everywhere. Lots in Europe too.

I am one of those folks who love quirky stuff. I see myself actually helping the landlord chop firewood.

Was the plumbing ok?

He seemed to want us to feed the fire hehe..., yes the plumbing was OK but quite victorian. The bath was one of those old-style ones with 4 feet.

@slobberchops, After going through from these pictures it's reflecting as I've entered into the World Of Folklore Movie 🎦. Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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It was a strange old place, England is full of history and quirky places!

Then it's sounds like Land Of The Secrets. 🙂


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Nice capture of the food and restaurant. Best review.

wow that place looks pretty comfortable. After this breakfast I would not need any lunch. :)

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