Nailed it! That's perfect!

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It even gives me the same "recoil" reaction when I look at it... So, yeah, I think it's the right answer.

Most definitely! How did you come up with that after all the other things we tried?

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I was looking up "poison" with the American Indian mythology/symbology - and saw this (apparently mythical) idea that the Natives would eat tiny leaves of the poison ivy to induce an immunity. I also found out about a rather famous foraging blogger ran into poison ivy - and could not work out where he'd hit it since he knows the plant well. (I got to know the plant in New York.)

I've only seen poison oak once - at the base of a trail up the Gorge. I looked at it very well so that I would remember it for the future.

I'm much more familiar with poison oak. I can pick that out of a lineup every time!

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