Happy New Year Tarot Tuesday - weekly reading & your card tip for the year ahead

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Happy New Year Tarot Tuesday, everyone!

I figured since it's a new year, why not try for a new look? No, I didn't dye my hair blue or anything... yet... LOL! No, I decided to change up the Tarot card graphics a bit. Please shout out and let me know what you think - I might tweak them a bit more in the coming weeks.

Just in case this is your first visit to one of my Tarot posts, it works like this -

First, pick a card you are drawn to from the photo below. If more than one speaks to you, go ahead and pick that one too. You can even pick all three!

After you've decided on your card or cards, you then scroll on down the page for the card reveal and message for the upcoming week.

Oh, and don't be worried if you don't happen to see it on the exact day. The message will be ready and waiting for you whenever you get here. 😊

Here are the backs of the cards and remember - you can pick more than one if you feel drawn to them...
January 1 2019, New Back


Now to ensure you don't accidentally see the card faces before you've made your choice, I'm using a picture as a kind of spacer/spoiler prevention. I created this graphic for yesterday's blog post, and since it's about New Years, I decided it would work here as well -
Neil Gaiman New Years quoto

Now for your message! The faces of the the cards are...
anuary 1 2019, New Front

...and my interpretations are...

3. Queen of Swords

Cold hard truth. You’re getting caught up in emotions and speculation, so it’s no wonder you can’t make a decision. Sometimes you need to take a step back to gain some perspective. Try the “just the facts ma’am” approach – look at the situation from a practical, factual point of view, and see if the answer, as unappealing as it might be, appears. When this card shows up, I ask myself, "WWSD (what would Scully do?)" and remind myself that "Sometimes looking for extreme possibilities makes you blind to the probable explanation right in front of you."

Tarot Tidbit: The Queen of Swords was last seen, in the third position, about three months ago, on September 25th, 2018.

1. Seven of Cups

Decisions, decisions. You know the saying, "Careful what you wish for - you might get it?" After wishing you had more options, suddenly you have a ton to choose from. Now is not the time to be dazzled by the display - instead, take some time to carefully consider the practicalities involved, and pick based on reality, not wishful thinking. This card also shows up for me as a reminder to stop dreaming, and start doing - or, in the immortal words of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, "Don't dream it, be it."

Tarot Tidbit: The Seven of Cups was last seen, in the first position about two months ago, on October 30th 2018.

3. Ten of Wands

The Burden. This card tends to show up for me when I’ve gotten caught in, “Fine, I'll do it myself” mode. You know, when you think you need to do absolutely everything yourself, because no one else can do it the right way? And what happens when you do everything yourself? Yep, you get exhausted. All your creative juices are drying up. It’s time to put down the burden, and let someone else carry it for a while – even small, simple things, once delegated, will help you regain your spark. As the saying goes, "a burden shared is a burden halved."

Tarot Tidbit: The Ten of Wands was last seen, also in the third second position, as recently as December 11th, 2018.

Bright blessings to you in the week ahead!

But wait! Before you go, remember how I mentioned in the title of this post, this was your "weekly reading & your card tip for the year ahead"? Here it is!

I got the idea when the lovely and talented Tarot reader who owns Little Star Signs shared an animated gif in her Facebook Tarot community (By Way Of The Tarot). After I tried to post it on my Facebook page (with moderate success...lol), and it occurred to me, "Hey! I bet I could do something like that for Tarot Tuesday!"

Then when I was searching for New Year's witchness for yesterday's post, I stumbled across a post on Witches & Pagans site (aka PaganSquare) by Janet Boyer from last January. It's called, 78 Tarot Tips For The New Year. Here's the intro to her article -

Imagine the cards of Tarot lined up to give you advice for the New Year. First the Major Arcana cards, followed by the Wands, Swords, Coins and Cups suit. Each card considers the wisdom it offers to you, and melds it with the anticipated wisdom of the next card.

Which of following 78 Tarot Tips for the New Year resonates most with you?

I figured it would be cool to find some way to pick a random Tarot card, then use her list of "tips" to find your possible message/mantra/focus for the coming year.

So after a bazillion failed attempts to embed a fancy gadget/random Tarot card generator, I changed my mind, and went with using a link to someone who successfully did just that. Long story short (too late!), when you click on the link below, it will bring you to serennu.com's site with her one card draw. You should see a deck of cards on the left of your screen that's been randomized/shuffled.

Click on a card back, and your choice should be revealed in the center of your screen. Then come back here, and click the link HERE to look up the meaning.

The TL:DR version

  • Pick a new random Tarot card for the year (different from your Tarot Tuesday pick) HERE
  • To look up the meaning, click HERE
Yeah, it's a bit clunkier than I'd first hoped, but I hope you have fun with it. Maybe my resolution for next year will be to figure out how to code a Tarot card generator of my own!

Brightest of blessings to you and Happy 2019!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Happy 2019 @traciyork I followed your steps for the New Year tip and got the Knight of Pentacles. Couldn't find that on your next link..... Ummm?


Sorry about that, @fionasfavourites - my superpower is overexplaining things and confusing people... 😂

I edited the post to be (hopefully) more clear, and this is part of what I added -

  • Pick a new random Tarot card for the year (different from your Tarot Tuesday pick) HERE
  • Look up the meaning by clicking HERE

Hope that clears it up, and Happy New Year!


Actually, @traciyork, there was no issue with the explanation at all. On http://witchesandpagans.com/pagan-culture-blogs/sacred-symbols/78-tarot-tips-for-the-new-year.html I couldn't see where to find the card that came up for me - no pentacles or knight on that page and the search function didn't throw up the card. Perhaps some advice? Perhaps I'm just suffering the after effects of New Year's eve and can't see it. Anyhow, I did google the card.... Which, with the ten of wands is quite an interesting combination... Appreciate your coming back to me ;)


OH! Now I understand - that'll teach me to reply before the coffee has fully kicked in! 😂

I completely spaced that the author calls the suit "Coins" instead of "Pentacles" - this is the message she has for your Knight -

Knight of Coins – Extraordinary discoveries are made amidst caution and care.

And you're very welcome, @fionasfavourites!


Haha! No worries. And actually that with the other card makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks again, @@@traciyork

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Hi thanks for sharing this tarot cards reading i love to do this kind of reading especially at the start of the year:) happy new year


You're very welcome, @drawmeaship and happy New Year to you as well!

Congratulations @traciyork! You've received the SECOND place upvote this week :)

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