Tarot Tuesday October 29, 2019

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Today was the third day in a row of cold and snow. As some of you know I live in Denver, CO. It is now cold and dark outside. Though right now I am sitting under a warm blanket next to a heater. I felt with Halloween so close that I wanted to do my reading late in the night.

So here is today’s card pull I am using the Mystical Manga Deck by Rann with text by Barbara Moore. I will be doing a three-card pull and only pulling more for clarification. If you like this deck you can get it for yourself. Just click on the picture below.

What does the Universe need me to share?


First Card is the King of Coins :
Divinatory meaning: The King of Coins is extremely practical and values end results, bottom line, and quality. Although he has an appreciation for the finer things in life, he don’t expect them to be handed to him. He can be generous, but he always considers which donations or gifts would have the most impact. His experience and skill are generally turned toward serving the greater good or a larger organization.
Advice: Carefully assess your resources and invest them wisely. Value good work, but don’t purchase above your means.

Second Card is the The Hermit:
Divinatory meaning: Society, friends, family, and anyone trying to sell you anything can claim to know just what is needed in this situation. Unfortunately, none of them has the right answer. It’s hard to step out of the realm of normal or acceptable behavior, but nothing less than authentic action will do…and no one can tell anyone else what that is.
Advice: Withdraw from all kind (or not so kind) offers of advice and guidance. It is best for you to eliminate all further input; you have all you need. Question everything with only your own heart, mind, and soul as the measure. Keep what rings true; disregard all that doesn’t.

Third Card is Three of Wands:
Divinatory meaning: Choices have been made and actions have been taken. Initial responses show early indications of success, but the story isn’t over yet. Now it is time to wait and see what happens. Like the figure in the card, you are waiting for your ship to come. Will it be laden with treasures or will the contents fall short of your expectations?
Advice: Make use of this time by doing what you can to help things along and plan for your next step.

I feel as though this reading is saying it is time to invest in yourself. With the King of Coins who values good work closely followed by the Hermit who is a solitary soul and yet tells you to keep what rings true to you. The Three of wands is telling you to wait and be patient. Things are coming and investing in one's self is always for the better. Take time to make sure that how your investing is going to follow the line that you want it to.

There is so much change that is in the air. With the energy rising to help move these changes forward be ready to see where you fall in this. There is so much that is happening. For myself, I have many celebrations that are coming. Enjoy this week as we close on October and start November a new.

I hope that this reading has been helpful to you all. Please let me know if it has impacted you in any way. I’d love to hear from you. And check out my website here. I am doing personal Astrology, Divination, Card and Astro Dice Readings. If you would like to have one please go to my website. Thanks so much for joining me on this Tarot Tuesday.

May your stars shine brightly upon you.

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What are Astro Dice? I haven't heard of them before.

They are one of my favorite divination tools that I own. I wrote on them a long time ago. https://steemit.com/divination/@amrauthor/first-time-using-astrodice. And here is a link to buy your own.

Thanks for the link! :-)

Of course. The dice I have found to be very accurate. I hope you enjoy them.


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