Take A Pic Winners Announcement/ ROUND 21 New Theme: Something Memorable

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The winner for the round 20 are

First prize @jurich60 1 steem + .25
Second prize @heartbeat1515 .75 + .25
Third prize @nathyortiz .50 +.25


I would like to appreciate the support of my 15 entrants who participated in my contest. Thank you so much and see next round.

@wakeupkitty ### @sarimanok

@maxili63 ### @daysiselena

@marblely. ### @diosarich

@gertu ### @theresa16

@wendyth16 ### @mariela53

@dulce160 ### @giocondina

I am so amazed with all the Vintage objects that you shared and highly credited to you.

Thank you so much for making the efforts of finding out some old things that you brought here in steemit.


This is the new theme for this week and happy waiting to see your entries. Please pardon me that I'm always late. I hope you understand the sway of my daily work. It has no specific time when my employer needs me but I PROMISE YOU, I WILL CONTINUE SHARING MY LITTLE TOKENS THISE WHO SUPPORT MY CONTEST!


😍😍All of you will get 0.500steem😍😍

You can make a post and use #hive-166850 @team-ccc with #ccc creed to have more upvotes from the members. Drop your post link and comment below

This is also open to none #ccc members who can directly drop your picture to this post or make a post without #ccc creed



This contest is called " Take a Pic, Comment Contest". This is going to be a weekly contest that will be posted every Sunday. This is as simple as taking a picture of something, in which I will give a weekly theme as to what photo you have to comment

Simple Rules :

  1. Picture the specified theme or object or the week ( must be your own photo)
  2. Make sure you are in the photo. ( you don't have to expose your whole body, just your hands would do, to make sure photo is original )
  3. Comment your photo in this post
  4. A resteem is not required but will be highly appreciated to inform other steemians
  5. The contest is open to all steemians, but this contest is with the time limit


Each valid entries will receive .250 steem

First place: 1steem
Second place: 0.750 steem
Third place: 0.500 steem.

Note: If I have more payout this week, it will be optional like what I did last January. I was giving 1 steem to all participants. (optional)

Come and join our #ccc weekly contests!


These weekly contests are running by @team-ccc below as listed:

Monday contest 2.37
What does CCC mean to you
Deadline: Feb. , 2020
Hosted by @team-ccc.
Uses the Commentcoin tag

Wednesday contest 2.37
What does today mean to you? 2:37
Use the title: "My Entry to Contest - "What does TODAY (Feb 6, 2020) Mean to ME? - #ccc 2.35" (pick your date).
Hosted by @freedomshift
Deadline: February 2020 at noon US CST.
Uses the Commentcoin tag

My Thursday favorites #ccc 2.37
My Favourite Protein
Theme: My Favourite protein/s
Deadline: Feb. , 2020
Hosted by @marblely

Friday contest 2.37
What do you do with...
Theme: tomatoes
Deadline: Feb. , 2020
Hosted by @gertu

Saturday contest Looking back/Look forward contest 2.37
What are you looking back or forward to?
Theme: Valentine's day/love.
Deadline: Feb. , 2020
Hosted by @wakeupkitty
Uses the Commentcoin tag

Sunday contest
TAKE a PIC and comment #21
Deadline: Feb. 2020 SUNDAY TO SATURDAY
Write a post with photo/s, leave your link.
Hosted by @olivia08ay contest
Lyric poetry contest
Theme: strawberry
Deadline: February 2020
For this contest less as 200 words are permitted.
Hosted by @felixgarciap


Note: This is an Invitation to join #ccc for Guaranteed 👍= 👍 Daily Income 💵 = 💵 and Payout 💸 = 💸 for Newbies (2.0) 🐟 🐟 🐜 = 🐜 🐛 = 🐛 in #ccc 👣 = 👣 and Follow 👣 = 👣 the Honor Code 🏅= 🏅 - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside) AND the latest update <<< please click to read.`


It's me


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!tip 0.5 to sponsor myself so you don't have to pay for my participation. Thanks @heartbeat1515 for the nomination.

Don't worry. I thought you'll be interested. I've been having fun engaging. I thought you might too. Have fun. Cheers.

Felicidades a los ganadores

Congratulations to all wnners.

Congratulations to the winners.. You no longer give NEO because? If you like too let me know.
Thank you for the bonus. 💕

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My dear @wakeupkitty I will check first how much my neoxag tokens and my all catel tablet is still out of order.
I can't open my SE wallet for how many months. I plan to go to the technician near by.

Steem-engine... I have problems with too and I read more people have. They run a beta perhaps that is the problem?
I can see if I can log in in mine.
If you like, if it helps you, I can give you some of NEO-what's their name I always forget. I'll see if I can see your wallet.
See you soon. Take good care of yourself. I miss you also with our contests.
You want me to tag you again?


Here you are. I can read but (in my wallet) not transfer. Those icons are not loading with me.

Oh! Thank you dear for your efforts of finding it. Sooner I will be fixing it. I will go to the shop. It's too hard if I have only one mobile phone.

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Yes, my dear.

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Congrats all...

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Congratulations to the winners and good luck with the contest!

Thank you for hosting @olivia08. We know you are very busy. An upvote for you. Greetings @team-ccc

Thank you so much @team-ccc.

You are welcome.Greetings @team-ccc

Hereby my entry. I couldn't think out of anything else so fast and this fits me. 💕


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Thank you so much!

Muchas gracias @olivia08 por el premio, me ha gustado mucho. Preparada para la próxima ronda.


I congratulate the winners!
Thank you for the participation bonus, @olivia08

Welcome @gertu amiga.
Have a wonderful day ahead and regards to you and son.

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Thank you 😀
I missed that old typewriter in one of the image. I got to the Chance to use that once but I don't know what happened to it. It belongs to my mom.

Congratulations 👍🥳💕

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Thank you so much brother for your nice memorable entry. Take good care of your family and God bless.

Oh! I missed the last round. I'll make sure to be back for this round! 😉

Mi entrada esto es muy memorable para mi, haber cumplido mi metas académicas ganadas con duro trabajo, enfocada en nuevos objetivos.

Hello @olivia. Musta ang buhay diyan? Hope eveything is well. 😉

Here is my entry my friend:


Thank you.

Hi there! Here's my entry. BTW, some of the photos was not uploaded due to slow internet connectivity. My apologies.

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Hi everyone

This is my entry in the contest takeapic round #21 by @olivia08

Tengo muchos momentos memorables; siempre los tengo presentes en mi memoria uno de ellos fue haber alcanzado una meta mi graduacion postgrado en 2013.
Ese día me sentí muy feliz llenas de emociones de satisfaccion. Lograr nuestros objetivos en la vida siempre son plenos y felices.
Foto con cámara lumix panasonic; Venezuela.

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Thank you so much @wendyth16. Good luck. Happy to see you graduated. I see the positive way of your life.

Hi @olivia08!
Sorry, I think I might be late but here is my entry for this one:
One of my first curie awarded posts which was a super pleasant surprise to see in the morning when I woke up.