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RE: My trip to Taiwan

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hey @morangallery,
when I was reading this photo-story, I quickly find out that there is some huge paradox - you are a very talented painter, with a great line, skills and amazing style but in the same time a complete amateur behind a camera. I know that it is completely unrelated, but your artistic sense is still active and alarming that all those photos suppose to be done way much better. I had to complain a little bit on the beginning but doesnt matter how do you start - it maters how you finish. And the finish of my post is that you deserve for a huge respect for your art exhibition in Taiwan ! Great Job, Big up man !


and BTW : I have checked your previous post and literally loved your two artworks
"psytribe Freakshow" and "Large Seated Female Nude" are just simply great. Do you have any official portfolio, where I could explore your artwork closer ? is my website.

All the photos are generally a mix of cell phone photos.
Not everyone was done by me.
There is a spot where you find where i have done photography in the 80's and 90's. If you follow my website to instagram. Or @moranpatrick
I was trained in photography but stuck to painting.
I am thinking of getting back into photography at some point soon.

Thank you for your interest.

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