My trip to Taiwan

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I have collected a photo essay on my recent trip to Taiwan.temple41.jpg
This was my Uexhibitor badge. The text reads USA.
This is my artwork on the banner advertisement in front of Exhibit Hall3 World Trades Center.
This is my work printed in the official show catalog.
Our first visit was to a temple where the art director lived. This is the largest statue of Buddha in the world. It has a thousand arms and sits on the roof of a building that we did not visit. Likely it is the housing for the monks.
I was very enamored and took many pictures of the Buddha as our group moved to the temple.
This is my area of exhibit.
My friend from Italy.
This is the year of the Pig in the Chinese New Year.
Some of the exhibitors and employees had children with them. I drew the portraits of the children and other people and had them sign their name in traditional Chinese characters.
Portraits became popular that day.
My stay included a week at a hostel. The residents were cooperative and allowed me to draw them.
More hostel drawing in the morning.
Residents visiting from the Phillipines.
This drawing was done around the Red House.
This is a drawing I made the last night in Taiwan.
This was a media interview around my work.
One of my friends from the show.
My friend's daughter posed for a koi fish drawing.
This is the finished drawing.
The model revewing the work.
Me and my exhibitor friends having coffee in the lounge.temple18.jpg
A portrait of an exhibitor.
I was so happy my friend sat down to draw with me. I have been so used to drawing alone.
The Netherlands, Indonesia, Spain, Italy and USA.
This was my last night. I want to go back and draw again. I felt so happy and such love in the country. I purchased a prayer bracelet.


What a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for sharing. Your art is really impressive and those drawings/sketches of kids and people at the hostle, just amazing.
The beauty of international events. So much talent from around the world, so many related artistic interests.

Thsnk you very much

Hello @morangallery, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Hi morangallery,

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hi @morangallery, your post is fantastic! meanwhile, congratulations for your exposure, it must have been a source of great satisfaction for you! Was it a collective exhibition?
and then I have to tell you that your drawings to the visitors and to the companions of the hostel are beautiful !! I am happy that you have lived such a beautiful moment, doing what you like! And how lucky to do what is your passion as a job!
congratulations on the curie vote and thanks for sharing with us

It was an international artist exhibition. Thank you.

Hey, @morangallery awesome post. The first question do you live in Taiwan or did you have just a gallery there? I think you were not born in that country?

Furthermore, your drawings are awesome. It took me some sketches until I realized you also did the drawings/paintings in the gallery. Do you also sell them or do you have a website? I would like to check it out :P

Max is the website. The drawings are for sale.
The children were in a sketchbook and not fir individual sale.

I am usa. Taiwan was a show.

Congratulations on the exhibition! It's a nice photo gallery that you showed. I like the statue of Buddha. It looks kind of hypnotizing with so many arms :)

It's nice that you found time to make so many drawings and that you also created something with your friends. It's always better to do things with others :)

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

Thank you. I really want to go out there again and just draw. I was in Taipei. I did not get anywhere near enough time to draw. Many hours were spent at the show daily.

hey @morangallery,
when I was reading this photo-story, I quickly find out that there is some huge paradox - you are a very talented painter, with a great line, skills and amazing style but in the same time a complete amateur behind a camera. I know that it is completely unrelated, but your artistic sense is still active and alarming that all those photos suppose to be done way much better. I had to complain a little bit on the beginning but doesnt matter how do you start - it maters how you finish. And the finish of my post is that you deserve for a huge respect for your art exhibition in Taiwan ! Great Job, Big up man !

and BTW : I have checked your previous post and literally loved your two artworks
"psytribe Freakshow" and "Large Seated Female Nude" are just simply great. Do you have any official portfolio, where I could explore your artwork closer ? is my website.

All the photos are generally a mix of cell phone photos.
Not everyone was done by me.
There is a spot where you find where i have done photography in the 80's and 90's. If you follow my website to instagram. Or @moranpatrick
I was trained in photography but stuck to painting.
I am thinking of getting back into photography at some point soon.

Thank you for your interest.

Hello @morangallery, looks like you had quite a nice and amazing trip. Your artworks are quite fantastic. it's new to me and I love it because it's out of the box. O love you you draw your characters and how you use just black and white.
The colorful artworks are nice as well and congratulations for the exposition, must be an honor to see your work on the wall of the exposition room.

Thsnk you very much

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You have a great talent and I am sure everyone appreciates having you around surprising them with your art work. Great post on your trip and some good memories.

Thank you very much

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