#buildingonblockchain - The Future of Architecture

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#buildingonblockchain - The Future of Architecture

Blockchain technology is beginning to disrupt traditional processes and ideologies. In my recent post Blockchain and Architecture I have started to consider how the development and adoption of blockchain could impact architecture, our cities, the design process and the profession as a whole.

Using the hashtag #buildingonblockchain I want you to share your ideas of how the future of architecture could look with the introduction of blockchain.

Here are some examples:

Will blockchain result in more local level community initiaties such as STEEM park or R-urban?

STEEM park by @Sndbox

R-urban by atelier d’architecture autogérée


Will blockchain lead to more parametric-type buildings, pushing the boundaries of construction materials such as the new Apple Campus?

Apple Campus by Foster + Partners

Share your thoughts below - and don’t forget to use #buildingonblockchain


This post is part of the Sndbox Weekly Question Series. This week the team have asked What makes a good hashtag?. The challenge was to find an unused hashtag and use it to engage with others.

You can find out more about this challenge here: Sndbox Weekly Challenge [What makes a good hashtag?]

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