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RE: My Great Spiritual Journey - Astrology, Mushrooms & Ayahuasca (SWC)

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Are you "conscious" during it and aware of both your physical and mental states?

Personally, I was mentally fully aware of everything around me as well within me during all Ayahuasca sessions I had. It is a state of great clarity about yourself and the universe.

Yes, I planned that ahead and I still have contacts in Iquitos. In fact, i am going there in less than a month from now again for the first time since that experience I described here. Let me know when you need more info.


Hey @flauwy I watch your steem show and I wanted to know something and this could be an idea for another video and what i wanted to ask you is do you think YouTube is a bubble?
I made a post about why I think it is a bubble and i want to know how you feel about it Please leave feedback and tell me do you agree with me.


That experience sounds crazy. I’ll keep you posted when I’m ready for more info! Thanks dude.

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