Swapsteem - The Fundition campaign is now live!

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Dear Steemians,

Yesterday we launched our new Fundition campaign and introduced plans for Alpha and Beta releases for Swapsteem along with delegation plans for early supporters.

Today, we got the first funding contribution towards our first goal of $10,000 in form of $5 support from @distantsignal.We thank @distantsignal for the kind support. We are happy to see the recognition and looking forward to have more support from the community.

You can find and try out the Swapsteem demo at https://www.swapsteem.online

NOTE : Please test the demo with two accounts belonging to you. If you want to trade with other users, please do NOT trade more than 1 STEEM/SBD and do NOT trade with people with who you are not connected on discord or any other medium for communication.

Thank you for reading this post. See you on @Swapsteem!

Road Map

  • Alpha [ 4th Feb, 2019 - 18th Mar, 2019 ] - ( Invite only for top 100 delegators above 500 SP delegation )
  • Beta [ 18th Mar 2019 - 17th June 2019 ] - ( Open to all steem users for limited amounts )
  • Exchange Launch [ 18th June, 2019 ] - ( Start operations with all features)

Discounts for Delegation

  • During the alpha period of 6 weeks, We will give early access and 50% discount to Delegators on fees for their weekly trades worth up to the amount delegated for the week. When they exceed the discounted trade amount, the Normal fee is charged.
  • During the beta period of 13 weeks following the completion of alpha period, We will continue the 50% discount to the alpha delegators who continue the delegation. We will also give 25% discount to new delegators who join Swapsteem during the Beta Period


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