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Last year I switched from Google to DuckDuckGo as my primary search engine. I made that move because I value privacy and I feel that While DuckDuckGo is a business they value privacy much more than the search monopoly. There is also the issue of censorship and confirmation bias - there is a lot at stake.

Today I learned about Ecosia from @raycoms

I was delighted to see this search business that cares not only about privacy but also the environment! In fact Ecosia is planting trees with the profit that they are making. They are putting 80% of their profit toward planting trees. At the current rate they are planting one tree for about every 45 searches.

CO2 Negative

Ecosia is running on renewable energy making them carbon neutral. After considering the trees that they are planting their business is carbon negative.

I am equally delighted to learn about this company setting a precedent for taking extra effort to help make our planet a better place. It reminds me how happy I was when I learned that @irenethemachine is planting twenty trees for every item purchased in her store Viggi Handmade.

By using Ecosia as my primary search engine today I've already helped plant 11 trees made 11 searches towards planting a tree. Their browser plugin made it easy to switch my primary search engine to Ecosia.

I will still use DuckDuckGo and Google, if there is something I can't find with Ecosia (which runs on Bing technology). But with Ecosia as my primary search engine I can support a company that is making a difference in our world by planting trees. And I am also comfortable knowing my privacy is valued by this company.

We need more companies setting a good example in terms of being responsible, mature, giving back - rather than simply being greedy!

Have you used Ecosia? What do you think?



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I used to, just forgot. But I'm gonna go back to it and reset browser settings. X

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I will check this out. This is how we change the world

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Nice! I'm always happy to learn about more ways to use technology as a positive impact on our earth. Thanks for sharing this, I'm switching my search engines over today 🙏


Yay for more trees!

Nice thanks for the tip I will try it out. Always up for alternative and ones that are sustainable 💯🐒

You've been visited by @thistle-rock from Homesteaders Co-op.

This is absolutely fantastic information, thank you for sharing, I must check them out... any way we can help the environment, I want to be involved!

Homesteaders Co-op

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What? That's amazing! I'm currently using to earn some more crypto, but I think my desire for more trees might outweigh my desire for more crypto...

We'll see which side wins out. If I can easily do it with my phone, I may be able to do both! Or my office computer that has presearch blocked! Yes, there we go! Thanks @sagescrub for the tip! And thanks @raycoms for recommending it!

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Yes! I was also trying out presearch for a while, but it became annoying to me just being a gateway to other search engines which is why I switched to duck duck go. But now I am planting trees with my searches!