Introducing @naturalmedicine: Celebrating & Promoting Natural Healing on Steemit

Welcome to the @NaturalMedicine introduction! This is a project to support and give a little steemlove to all advocates of natural healing across the Steemit platform, and we're looking forward to having you onboard!

We’re a project run by @riverflows, @mountainjewel and @holisticmom, three Steemfolk that are passionate about the benefits of any medicine that supports whole healing of our bodies, minds and hearts.

Why Natural Medicine, and what ARE natural medicines?

With medical systems largely dominated by the interests of Pharmaceutical and Insurance companies, it can be hard to find our place within the current healing paradigms. So often these systems alienate the very people they profess to serve whilst padding their pockets as populations get sicker.

Whilst western medicine has it's place, is it the only answer to our problems?

@naturalmedicine believes wholeheartedly in alternatives, ones that we can practice at home and often prevent the onset of illness and disease and very often cure it. Natural remedies are as old as humanity, and in fact ‘alternative medicine’ was only labelled so to highlight it’s difference from ‘mainstream’ medicines a.k.a drug company endorsed medicines. This type of healing is time tested and proven and it’s our dream to connect Steemfolk with this information through @naturalmedicine on the Steem blockchain.

Natural medicines are often simple and whole medicines, differing from the magic pill of Big Pharma. We want to bring natural medicines to you and highlight the natural medicine advocates on the Blockchain!

Creating a Natural Medicine Community

Being enthusiastic and passionate about natural healing ourselves, we believe in the importance of promoting and celebrating the natural medicine community. We’re amazed by some of the curation feeds on Steemit, but for this one, we wanted to streamline it so it was principally about good content that went beyond the broader spectrum tags like ‘health’ or ‘medicine’ or ‘healing’, and introduced a tag that was a little more specific.


If it wasn't for the power of community on Steemit, I wouldn't have found @hungryhustle, who designed this fabulous heart & lotus logo for us.

The daily growth of Steemit has really opened our eyes to how much knowledge is in the hands of the people right here. Hence, we also decided to open up our Discord, which anyone can join once we’ve checked your profile to make sure you’re not a bot! In this way we’re hoping to bring awesome people together that care about natural healing, creating a well spring of knowledge and to archive the good stuff so it’s on hand whenever you might need it. We’re hoping that one day you’ll be able to open up the Discord channel, type in a search for say “nasal de-congestion” or “garlic” and up will pop the posts that you needed the most.

We’re hoping to build a solid community that can support, upvote and nurture each other in holistic ways. Please jump on the Discord and we’ll welcome you with a hug and a cup of tea. Or maybe just a smiley heart emoji – it’s the same energy and spirit all the same.

The #naturalmedicine tag

We’re hoping the ‘naturalmedicine’ tag will be a go to for health conscious people everywhere on Steemit, uniting us all in one big group and making it easier to find good alternative healing information and knowledge.

Are you a herbal practitioner? A naturopath? A breathworker, yogi, energy healer? An ayurvedic scientist, a TCM expert, or know your essential oils? Then @naturalmedicine wants to support you!
We’d love for you to use this tag so we can find and promote you easily, so if you’re an alternative therapist of any kind, have a love of herbalism and natural cures from our beautiful Earth, have homespun wisdoms passed down through the ages, are into specialist areas like Chinese medicine or Ayurveda, are investigating special food diets to support health or any other kind of alternative therapies, this is the tag for you.

By using the #naturalmedicine tag, you’ll be far more likely to be found in this vast sea of content. You'll be most definitely found and supported by people who share the same interests and passions as you do. The more people use the tag, the more easily we'll find each other, and enthuse each other to keep sharing all the wonderful knowledge we have accumulated, and contain to gain, through our openness to natural medicines. Check out the amazing Steemfolk we've already supported by upvoting and re-steeming - @thelaundrylady's celery juice and @artemislives pro-biotic beetroot are absolutely winners in our book, as is @rainbowrachel's beautiful cacao ceremony!

Supporting You However We Can

We want you to feel supported, and we want to reward you for your efforts. At the moment our voting power is small, but we’re planning to power up every penny we earn to build this community. We’ll support good quality content with our upvotes.

We also plan curation posts, published when we find three good posts in a row. This means we could curate twice weekly or fortnightly, depending on the content you good Steemfolk are putting out.
Of course we’d love any delegation you can spare – if you think what we’re aiming to do is awesome please consider delegating any amount to @naturalmedicine to help really get this project growing.

NaturalMedicine – Our Future on Steemit

We aim to build a solid curation project with credibility and influence, to attract people interested in delegating power to the cause. This way we’ll be able to spread the word to a greater audience, which will benefit those who are willing to take Steemit seriously and encourage others to give it a try.
For our mission, we want the project to be a community work and not a centralized project; all the earnings from @naturalmedicine for now will be converted into Steem Power and the earnings distributed to those creating amazing content.


PARTICIPATE and SUPPORT @naturalmedicine

  1. Follow and upvote @naturalmedicine
  2. Follow our curation trail on Steemauto or delegate Steem Power: Check out our tutorial!
  3. Use the tag #naturalmedicine tag in your posts
  4. Join our group on Discord


Hoping to see you all soon! Much love from the @naturalmedicine team xx

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Hi!!! I have discovered that the meaning of my life is to make art. And share it with the whole world. Take it to each corner of the planet, and on the way to bring something positive to each person who crosses my path.
Through this platform you can help me carry it out, with just one click in my posts.
What is your mission in life? I can also collaborate with you. Check my posts, and comment wich is your goal in this life, i promise ill help you in all your post.

Hello @naturalmedicine. This sounds great. I joined this community to hopefully find people working together for natural health. I have discovered it is not just about what you take that is natural but the spiritual, discoverying yourself, letting go and releasing blocks, issues etc. In so many cases this in itself can heal a person. That is assuming people are eating healthy and looking after their bodies of course. Much success. I upvoted you and am following :-) 11081113_929350353788777_6371845510757173956_n.jpg


Such an excellent point. Upvoted! ❤️

Hi @naturalmedicine. Welcome to steemit! Is great what you are doing and I will fully support your efforts. I myself am a holistic healer and have experienced the power of natural or alternative medicine. Keep up the great work and we'll be in touch. Cheers!


Wonderful!! We'd love to have you on board! Popping over to read your work now. The world absolutely needs holistic healers!!


Awesome, I haven't posted much about my work yet... This life I wanted to stay more anonymous and do a silent work for once. But seems I'll have to post an introduction of what I do and how we all can do it as well. Love and light. Cheers.


I understand your hesitance. We too in our family keep it amongst ourselves; too many people believe the mainstream junk. Look forward to interacting with everyone in this community!


That'd be fantastic. You've resteemed some wonderful content, and I've followed you as you're clearly a big support of such things! Would LOVE to hear about your work!


Welcome to Steemit @naturalmedicine!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

Here are some links you might find useful.
Your stats on SteemNow
Your stats on SteemWorld
Your stats on SteemD
How does Steemit actually work?

Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!

this is so exciting and such a fabulous idea and project with an awesome team, love all you gals and guy xxxx


We're all girls ;0P - Glad to have you on board, @trucklife-family!

Hola soy nuevo en estas actividades y me gusta leer bien lo que voy a votar y este trabajo de uds me encanta. Mis temas son cristocéntrico sin ser activista religioso. Y creo, estoy convencido, que la medicina natural va de la mano con el Evangelio de nuestro Señor Jesucristo. Estaré pendiente entonces de sus publicaciones. !DIOS ME LOS BENDIGA!

I am so honouring you and the @naturalmedicine team for creating this really important space and focal point. Honoured to contribute.... Resteeming and curating for you.


Thanks so much @artemislives - you are a gem, and we're so pleased to have you xx

This is a lovely idea @naturalmedicine, I'm glad I had the opportunity to follow its creation from the beginning to launch day.

I'm a firmly believer that we can indeed cure and, most importantly, prevent a lot of desieses with the use of natural and organic stuff. Like now, as I write this comment, I'm drinking a natural tea to cure my guts hahaha.

I wish you loads of success and count on me for anything you need. Cheers.


Thanks @mrprofessor! We would like to know more about your natural tea! We are glad you are in our team.

love love it love it love it! bring on the #naturalmedicine! resteemed! let's spread the word xoox

Love this! Looking forward to seeing this unfold. You all have so much to contribute, should be an amazing community!


Thanks @birdsinparadise! We appreciate the support xx

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Yes! Natural medicines! A term I've heard since I was born, right? @artemislives? lol😃


Haha @nabithecat - you're going to have such a wealth of knowledge to take into the world with you!

This is great. I'm coming over to your Discord and will put some articles out with this tag :)


Amazing @eftnow - very pleased you found us, and we're stoked to have your good self on board. Looking forward to your articles for sure - your EFT sounds so incredible and we'd love to know more about it!

Welcome @naturalmedicine !!! We really need natural medicine.


😄☀️ thanks for your support!

Currently using some Four Thieves essential oils right now to bust this sinus issue!
Giving you a follow, my wife and I are big on the natural medicines from essential oils to plant products like slippery elm, goldenseal and countless others. I will try to write a post or two to highlight some of the stuff we’ve learned along the way.
Glad we can get a community like this going on Steemit!


Excellent! Looking forward to your articles 💚 slippery elm & Goldenseal are rockstars for sure! Thanks!


Slippery elm and goldenseal are winners! So pleased to have your support! Would love to read your posts and popping over to follow you now. 💚

Hey folks.
I’m a qualified TCM practitioner (no longer practicing) but still lecturing in TCM.

Looking forward to supporting you and contributing appropriately.

Good to see something like this on Steemit.


Fantastic. Thrilled to have you and Im sure we will have ma y questions to ask you!



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It's already done ;) xx

Sounds like a great project for a Social Media Token.


Hi! It does indeed! I'm not sure how I would go about it, so if you can help, get in touch 💚💚💚

While we all want the Steem blockchain to be a place where we are free to express our opinions, I’m afraid I can’t see a post like this and not voice my concerns. When most people hear the term natural medicine they think, what can possibly be the harm? It’s natural therefore good. I have to disagree strongly with this view, and I do feel we need to get ahead of before this blockchain becomes another fringe of the internet full of dangerous misinformation.

I urge anyone that writes posts with this tag to please not give people with serious long-term conditions false hope. Some of the techniques may sound harmless but still carry risk, even if the risk is mealy refusing the recommended treatment.

I think the perception that there is a difference between natural medicine and the medicine you receive through the healthcare system really misses the point. In healthcare we have always taken what nature has proved and tested it using the scientific method to distinguish what works and what doesn’t work. When it works we can sometime change or enhance it to work better. It is very far for perfect (side effects are healthcare’s constant battle) but it is the combined knowledge of may hundreds of thousands of trained professions dating back a couple of hundreds of years. This process means that you can have a child today and expect that child to live to adulthood. This has been rare in human history. Before we started using the scientific method for health purposes life was nasty, brutish and short.

I realise that trust in the healthcare system can be lost (we really are doing our best!) however, natural medicine is very much a luxury of the west. Please, I beg you, let’s not export it to the rest of the world.


I can see your concerns, @nonzerosum. Rest assured we won't be supporting quackery, nor suggesting that people don't seek conventional medical advice for serious health concerns. My father has cancer, and I can't thank western medicine enough for keeping him alive. I use western medicines to ensure I can breath, because I haven't found another cure (yet) for my asthma. We certainly aren't planning to give people 'false hope', but to encourage and support alternative ways to consider their health.

However, I would argue that natural medicines are very much grounded in science, and there is much 'science' to prove their efficacy, as well as thousands of years of research, use and proven results. Often, science is merely finding out what old wisdoms have known all along.

There's little wonder that our faith in the health system has flagged. I can only use another example here, where I went to a GP in desperation because of my anxiety. Within minutes she'd given me antidepressants. There was no way this was going to be the answer for me, especially when I read everything I could about this medication online, and we know that antidepressants can cause a lot of damage. Going to a naturopath - who has a science based practice - identified the root cause of my problem where the GP was too willing to medicate without even considering where my anxiety might be coming from (in this case, the adrenal glands). Without natural medicine, I'd be a mess right now. My husband too has never had a diagnosis for his IBS, yet a FODMAP diet (also scientifically proven) has been a wonderful natural medicine for him.

So I will support it, absolutely and completely.

Happy to engage in further conversations - please do find us on Discord.


Excellent I am very happy to hear you say that. I feel the stumbling block here is often more to do with the difference in definitions we hold (for instance western medicine/natural medicine isn’t really a distinction in my head, it’s just medicine and untested medicine). The health system is moving (frustratingly slowly) towards a biopsychosocial approach to health care, through the testing and incorporation of many techniques other than pharmaceutical products. It’s just going to take some time as obviously a lot of caution is needed as it’s very possible to make things worse (often time is the best remedy).

On reflection I think you are exactly the right person to run this curation group. That said I would warn caution, there is a lot of dangerous health information on this blockchain and advice such as coming off of antidepressants (as one post recently resteemed here talked of) very much needs to be coupled with talking to a health care professional as it might not be right for everyone. This is something I’ve noticed you do with your post but others you support may not be as diligent.

Best of luck for the future and feel free to drop into the #SteemSTEM community if you need anything. I’m not medically trained (I’m a psychologist) however many of that network are and are often very happy to provide resources.


i definitely think that your point has some strong validity- in that we should be quite careful with the treatments we use to heal our bodies, but what you are also hitting on is an monopolistic and entitled type of thinking that natural medicine is "lesser than" or antiquated in comparison with modern forms of medicine. in fact, natural medicine is a fantastic complement to modern forms of healing and in many cases supporting health with natural medicines (in the right case and context) can provide an integrated healthy lifestyle. many modern diseases are the result of poor diet, lack of exercise and unhealthy habits. pills cannot fix this in many cases. natural medicine (herbal support, energy healing, yoga, meditation to list a few) can support peoples’ lifestyles and provide complementary medicine where our modern medical system is failing people.

to claim that modern medicine is the only or best medicine because of its rigorous testing via the scientific method is short sighted and also arrogant. humans did not only live brutish nasty and short lives??? yes modern medicine has developed cures for things that easily killed people off, but herbal medicine and other healing modalities have been a part of human life for aeons. people didn't have labs, but humans have always tested medicines on themselves. i find your comment alarmist and while a warning is necessary, you took this too far. we will carry on educating the masses and using the steem platform to share our lived experiences with alternative and natural remedies. far from a luxury of the west, natural medicine is people's medicine and in combination with modern techniques, we can be more whole and thriving in a world where a pill fix is thought of as the best cure. thanks for sharing your opinion so that we can get a discussion like this out in the open, but at its core i strongly disagree.

In healthcare we have always taken what nature has proved and tested it using the scientific method to distinguish what works and what doesn’t work.

And in relation to this, western medicine often takes plants from nature, which are safer and at times more effective in their natural and whole form (whole plant medicine) and through extraction actually makes them more dangerous in their potency and specificity. as someone who has done a lot of research and also has some medical issues that modern medicine thinks of as a mystery or that it cannot heal, alternative remedies are my only hope. now please let us carry on educating the masses without putting your "better than thou" opinion into this space. modern medicine certainly doesn't have a monopoly on health, even though they think they do.


Yes, perhaps you’re right there and I was a little to alarmist in my comment yesterday. I’ve been around the extremes of the natural health community for too long now and have been identifying it far too much on this blockchain, so got a little worried when I saw this group. As long as the community shuts down any of the more dangerous advice (e.g. chiropractic procedures on babies, complete refusal of childhood vaccination, black salve etc) the chances of harm are of course low.


Right on dude. 🙏🏼💚💚💚


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Thanks, you gorgeous little bot! I do forget that she is THE laundry lady, not just any old laundry lady! Editing now....


you are literally the best xo


lol, that's right! You are awesome :-)

cool :) will definitely use the tag. great initiative


Thankyou. Look forward to reading your work!

A refreshing approach. People are suffering from big pharma addictions.

Loving the vibes. Def gotta follow, we all need healing in positivity everyday!


Yay! Positivity has been scientifically proven to have all sorts of benefits, so we do our best! Love to have you on board! xx

Congrats and best of luck on this, your new venture.

  • I truly believe there is an answer to every ailment, sickness and disease to be found in nature.

Oh, @wizardave, agreed!! Thanks so much!

I do advocate natural medicine and energy healing as they are much safer and less intrusive. They nip the disease from the bud and heal them whereas western medicine generally cure the symptoms, so in case of the latter chances of relasp is high. People need to be made aware of this holistic forms of cure. Would save lives and bucks.

Great project guys! Always makes me happy to see promotion of natural methods. Providing 'how to' info and sharing personal tried-and-healed stories will surely encourage more people to trust in nature's medicines. Good luck to you and I look forward to seeing how it grows in time!

Bienvenidos, de verdad sera muy interesante seguir y leer cada pots que realice, soy un a fiel seguidora, ya que me gusta mucho la medicina natural. Éxitos.

This is so awesome @naturalmedicine! I was looking for a tag to describe how I handled a bee sting by treating it as sacred medicine.
I look forward to possible collaborations in sharing content to the nature starved humans out there.
Peaceful relations, Granmama Dove
The female half of @Doveandadam

I'm glad this is here now.

Welcome @naturalmedicine

Glad to have you with us. Here we can learn - earn - share together.
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I mean, YES.

We are super excited about this project!


Thanks so much for putting together this community, I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and sharing with other like minded people!

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Thankyou. We've resteemed this on the @naturalmedicine blog too xxx Thanks for your review, @artemislives!