Entry for @sethlinson's Portrait Contest

in #surrealart6 years ago

This is my ticket for Portrait Contest held by @sethlinson.

It's Mr @sireh, a Malaysian illustrator/artist, founder of #steem-cartoon.
Comparison with reference:

The challenge is to paint, sculpt, or use any other kind of physical/digital media to create a portrait.
Here's the contest link to check up more details:

Digitally drawn on Photoshop, here's some WIP pics:


The Steem-Cartoon Mastah!

Gila ndro,,iki sih juaaraaa

Sing dilukis durung tilik ya lik. Jel omahe endi. Tak anter punjungan nggo buka mengko sore pa? Sisang ngelingna 3 dina maning kon vot. Mbok selak tutup koh.

iya kue jian, takon lurahe umahe sing ndi

You've been featured in today's showcase. Thank you so much for entering the contest!

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