Kiteboarding Is Pure Freedom!

in #surfing7 years ago
Ahh!!!! I love kiteboarding so much. What other sport allows you to fly, doesn't require an expensive boat that uses gas, and gives you a sense of freedom? As my life continues and I focus on filling it with things I love, I'm DEFINITELY going to be kiting more :D This particular trip took place in Hatteras, NC with a bunch of peeps from Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio... but mainly Michigan haha. Great Lakes Kiteboarding put it all together for us so a big thank you to them! They've been doing trips down to the east coast for about 15-20 years. YAAAASSS. Amazing. I actually did my first kiting vacation with them when I was 14 years old, then came down again at age 15. Years passed and I missed out on a bunch of the years, but I can happily say that now it's a trip I will NEVER miss again :D Great Lakes Kiteboarding Hatteras trips 2016 & 2017 were awesome - stay tuned for more footage of the most recent! Your Friendly Local Musician, Drew

wow right on man! shred it up or surf it up! Not sure what the proper slang in in the kite world.

This looks like a blast. I'm an avid snowboarder and want to start dabbling in other adventure sports like kite boarding, and surfing.

I am trying to connect here on Steemit with other adventure sport enthusiasts. Hit me up next time you release content! I'm looking for more like minded people to support. hopefully get a little communtiy here on steemit who can connect over things such as kiteboarding, snowboarding, surfing, paragliding, etc.

Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing your content in my feed!

Hey right on my friend! Snowboarding was my first board sport after skateboarding, but I've never been amazing. You gotta try kiting - It's unreal

I've made career changes so I can do my kite trips lol

Paragliding though, that's something I've never done. Flying would be sweeeeet though


Thanks for watching yo!

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That is pretty awesome, trips like that, those are what life is all about, good friends, good fun.

I couldn't agree more. It's so important to give yourself those good times

Amazing my friend, I'd love to try out KiteBoarding once, as I skateboard since 10 years. =) Looking forward for more content like this!

Feel free to check my last post, maybe you’ll like it! <3

Sweet I'll check it out! Definitely gotta kite dude!

Awesome sport :-)

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