Support minnows , Date 7.4.2018 promote content on Steemit

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Hello Steem friends
I vote for 4 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be about 50% on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?

reputation below 60 (Completely random, it just have to be a good one).

new setting: I will now check comments from my last post and upvote some of the commenters posts aswell, but only if they are good (informative, not plagiarized , not just pictures).
List for today:

Congratulations to the winners!

(I do not intend to stop supporting those I have supported so far even if they are over 60)


You're the Best! Thank You once again

Keep up the good work. It's best to help one another here in this platform and of course stop abuses as well as FUD which is unnecessary to crypto's development. Here's an upvote for you my friend.

You are one of the best supporter @yoo1900. I hope you check my blog!

The relentless contribution shown by @yoo1900 is a tremendous determination, and thanks to its support of minnow, it indirectly has generated the minnow's interest to post quality content and slowly but surely will keep trying to stay away from plagiarism or post of scammy file
Thank you @yoo1900
Congratulations to all the lucky steem friends

Only one of idiom word is suitable to appreciate the activities of support minnow was do by King @yoo1900 sir, Amazing, Great, Awesome etc

Congratulation to the winner today. I hope your support not stop. I'm not yet have your support @yoo1900. I think some time I get that.

Conratulation for winners.
Although I have not felt your support yet, your support is Amazing.
You are providing tremendous support in steem. This is great in building a steem program. And, you are very wise in providing support.

@yoo1900 I want to say a very big thanks, I saw the impact you made on my blog sir. I really appreciate

here at Steemit there is a lot of talent, which is not very appreciated, but their help gives a great boost to our talent and that encourages us to continue publishing quality content ... to give 100% of us that we dedicate many hours a day to publish and give good comments and make great friends without knowing each other physically, something that steemit is that you have to be patient with time, our talent as a writer will be rewarded.

Thanks for your support, checkout this guy @yoo1900

Will the time come when i will support minnows....

Lool. Looking forward to that time myself

waiting for your support # YOO1900

Congratulations to all the winner's.Thank's to @yoo1900 for supporting minnows like your own people.You are a true inspiration to all the minnows.There is a lots of people who can give lecture to the minnows,to down vote minnows.But there is only very few people at steemit who loves minnows.You are the one.Thank's to you once again @yoo1900 sir.

I am so happy for the winners. I hope you pick me next. I really hope you do!

@yoo1900 you are doing a great job helping minnows grow. I wish more people could take this step to help others

Omg! this is really awesome is really fraudstrating when minnows like us write but don't get that required support to keep us on steemit...I really appreciate this great initiative to help minnows...its been 5days now I wrote something cos I became weak of writing...I will go now and write a fantastic post and see if its worthy of your humble support...thank you so much for this...Peace!

Congratulation to the winner today.

Thanks a lot for supporting minnows, I am also doing somehting similar even being a minnow, you can take a look at my post, I want to support people better than upvoting bots do, and I am building one big whale who will do that by gathering other minnows in one team to upvote people with a very cheap price, any support from you will be very welcome, people are losing their money with bots and all that they get is visibility, but we want to provide both visivility and good upvotes, but it's hard for us to do for the moment, we need better support for that, for now our total upvote is just $0.5, but it's not enough to help more people, I am really not earning anything from this deal right now, but just building it for the future, thanks again, you are really the best whale even who I know and I hope we will coopirate in the future, because I think that I will build something really huge.

I am full of praises for you @yoo1900 for this awesome scheme. Congratulations to those selected!


If you can transfer me some power, I can do nice things for the #tr community. The #tr community still needs a developing community and Support. Good luck bro. Thanks for everything.@yoo1900

Am very positive one day yoo190 will look at my posts too


Hmmnn.. Another beautiful day.
Congratulations to today's winners.

And a very big thanks to you @yoo1900.

It's nice to write and hope on getting high upvotes. It hasn't been easy, but you are making it possible.

Although, I haven't gotten the upvote, but, I believe the time is near.

It is very good to know that within this community there are people who have grown up and have a desire to help those who are starting and learning to walk the steemit path. Thanks from Argentina. Greetings.

Do you like Tigers living in the DMZ?

Hello im new to your page :)

How do you select content to upvote? Im a minnow keen to get some traction on Steemit. Seems like a good initiative keep up the good work

Winners, it is a good day, no? Congratulations.

Congratulations to all winners. I'm on my research and you'll soon see my post. God bless you for this kind gesture.

Thanks for voting for four people

@yoo1900 Thank You for giving the example to others how everyone should help and share.. Also, if You are interested You can stop by our great community doing the same
Respect & Peace

Wonderful what you are doing :) I also have new art if you want to have a look.

This is was it was meant to be. A source of unique and quality content from steemians around the world. It is not easy I realized that 9 months ago since I joined. Contents could be easily drowned out in a matter of seconds and almost impossible to get noticed these days. There are good days and bad days but I learned that does not really matter as long as you love what you are doing. Showcasing your passions in life and living it is what matters. This is an outstanding support for the community you are doing in which I salute you. Full Steem ahead!

today four of our many friends have been aided by @yoo1900 ,, who have not been lucky do not be discouraged, for the chosen as the winner may not be too proud because the wheel is always spinning.

Keep on going buddy !

Your support will make someone's day that is for sure !

Steem on !

Thank you @yoo1900! I am sure that your active support will lead this community to the path of unprecedented success. Thank you once again.

@yoo1900 thanks for the massive support for the minnows, you give us reasons to press on

Congratulations to the winners

Keep up the good work @yoo1900, you are indeed a model for us all.

What a beautiful job, God bless you. How do I see my publications?

Yoo1900. Continue with the good work and support for the minnows and appreciating good contents. God bless

Congratulations to the winners!
Keep writing quality works!
You are doing a great job @yoo1900
You rock

Thank you for the "trigger activity" you are doing so we're the newbies will be encouraged to make the best possible content

Thank you @yoo1900, you are the best supporter that i have ever seen. Hope someday you will upvote my post.

congrats to lucky steemian..keep up the good work , thanks to @yoo1900 for the upvote for the minnow.

Nice to meet you brother @yoo190

If you have a time let's visit my blog @blacksweet

Hello mr. @ yoo1900 I have been in this contest for a long time, but I do not understand about this contest, and I have learned about this contest from 2 weeks ago and now I understand a bit about this contest you made.
I predict that you will definitely visit me at @adimantong blog one day nantik, I always wait for your presence mr. @ yoo1900
Hopefully this contest runs smoothly

What a great way to contribute to the community and society at large . Thank you for continuing to encourage minnows to post quality content. :)

congrats lucky #steemian thank you @yoo1900 you motivate and inspired minnow by giving your valuable upvote to their post. God bless you and more power.

Thanks for your support!!! How about this?
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I am Pricasso most wonderful artist and I would love to be considered for this most prestigious support please see all my latest art and laughs I have give fellow Steemians. :")

Yours Always

Omg! this is really awesome is really fraudstrating when minnows like us write but don't get that required support to keep us on steemit...I really appreciate this great initiative to help minnows...its been 5days now I wrote something cos I became weak of writing...I will go now and write a fantastic post and see if its worthy of your humble support...thank you so much for this...Peace!

Congratulations to the winners. It would be my turn soon fingers crossed

Congrats to all the winners!
I hope this makes the cut :) if not then congrats to whoever does.

Wowwww... This is so amazing. @yoo1900 you're a rear gem. Keep winning sweetheart

Congrats to the winners. I must say @yoo1900 really doing a good job by supporting minnows with upvotes on the other hand rewarding quality content. Nice job buddy. I do write on so many inspirational and business idea posts. I hope you spare some time out to check them thanks. Steem on!

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