Support minnows , Date 4.10.2018 promote content on Steemit

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Hello Steem friends,
I vote for 4 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be 20% on each post of the selected minnow.
This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?

-I will check comments from my last post and upvote the best commenters posts in my opinion.

-The posts have to be relatively good (informative, not plagiarized , not just pictures).

please paste your preferable post link in the comment

List for today:

good luck!


Thanks for all you do for the community. Minnows like us will never forget. You make us believe in the system even when hope fades away.

Here's a post about apologies. People should learn how to apologize when they are wrong. Even though it has got just cents. I'd appreciate your touch sir

This one modification can be a cheap creative idea to prevent water from entering the exhaust when the motorbike passes through a flood inundation.


Let's always take care of our children so that they don't get destroyed because of technology, teach him that technology that is subject to him and not until he is subject to technology.


Going through the post as instructed and understanding the rule of the game quite loud and clear and so I decided to jump in . Not because I’m sure of myself, or feeling like I can write better than anyone else but because I want to definitely know and learn things, I want to be able to proudly say I got here by hard work, respect and staying loyal.

I've found a lot of websites where we can offer services and make money, but it's a bit tricky given the lack of trust in these websites, so it will be a good thing if we can do that here it will be easier because here we have much more credibility.

This one modification can be a cheap creative idea to prevent water from entering the exhaust when the motorbike passes through a flood inundation.


Real evidence that aliens have lived on earth and many evidence and relics have been found so it is believed that this creature once stepped on the ground on earth


I spent just 15 minutes with mother nature and You will not believe , I was so much recharged for another go. We must know to appreciate and enjoy nature, it basically is fuel to boost you no matter how tough the situation you're in.

A Korea's Largest VC Company Makes First Investment at the Blockchain Startup Company today 02/10/2018


It is very scary for those who see, because this baby plays with a cobra and is famous for snakes that can kill anyone who is bite.


This one modification can be a cheap creative idea to prevent water from entering the exhaust when the motorbike passes through a flood inundation.


Real evidence that aliens have lived on earth and many evidence and relics have been found so it is believed that this creature once stepped on the ground on earth

Hearing the name of centipede is certainly no stranger to us.
Centipede or centipede (English: centipede) are arthropods belonging to the Chilopoda class and Myriapoda upafilum.
Many legged animals are categorized as venomous animals and include nocturnal.
During the day the night butterfly. like this type. is asleep to prepare physically to find food at night. This type of butterfly looks unique and beautiful, but these
In Indonesia, pineapple is planted in gardens, yards, and other places that get enough sunlight at an altitude of 1 - 1,300 m above sea level. Pineapple is a fruit plant that is always available throughout the year.

hello, my friend @yoo1900 it looks like my name is @hamdan12 has been announced in your post my friend @yoo1900, but I have not received an award from you my dear friend @yoo1900. if there is a problem with the posting, please ask me.


Last night thought of this poem, Hope you like...

I thought my heart had forgotten
The ability to suffer mildly,
I said: what was, I
don’t happen! never come!
Passions and sorrows passed,
And gullible dreams ...
But here again they fluttered
Before the appealing power of beauty.

Health: Very much the benefits of consumption of frogs and especially for the health of the human body


about my post.

There are some lovers in this world that can't be apart from each other just for one minute. You know! Human tend to have strong emotions when nothing matters
anymore, it just 'she' or 'he' that keeps the person going.

Before the encounter they were living a normal life but all of a sudden, this one person becomes their inhaler, any slight separation within the relationship causes emotional allergies. This one person becomes their sweater over the fabric of their skin and if 'he' or 'she' is without this garb then there will be a problem; life becomes too cold to the them.

Since I the poet is a 'he' the person to miss must be a 'she'.

So this was what inspired me to write this poem; it's a poem that narrates the longing of a lover when they are far remote or beyond. If you happen to read this piece and can relate then this poem is for you.

I know some people out there would say; "impossible" Just because of my 'gf' or 'bf' hey, I can cope with the absence but to some it's hard; major reason centers around emotional addiction. If you see a smoker, isolating 'him' or 'her' from a stick of cigarettes or cigar is like burying them alive.

here's my post. Congrats to the winners before me

source: respect
Sungker mushrooms are those that often grow on trees that have fallen and started to rot. This fungus is very good for health to reduce pain in cancer patients. but it's not easy to find this mushroom. because this fungus is only around the forest that is rarely touched by humans.
mushroom sungker or totet sungker. this name was taken in the Gayo language (central aceh).
the efficacy of this fungus is long known by the gayo tribe. since their ancestors were in Dutch custody. it's just that it can't be developed or cultivated like other mushroom mushrooms. because this fungus can only grow by itself naturally.

Anticipation of the weekend after a hard working week.

Example: I'm ready for a few jars at the pub after work - I've got that friday feeling.
Snapseed is one photo editing application that is very popular among iOS users. Initially this application was created by Nik Software developer in 2011. Due to its popularity, finally Snapseed was purchased by Google to date. Various features continue to be added and make Snapseed very complete to help you do image editing in a variety of needs.
This time the MakeMac team will share some smart tips for using Snapseed in some habits that I often do.
Helo ... steemit
How are you today.
I will continue to try even though at this time I haven't reached a good level in Steemit.
Try and keep trying I think it doesn't hurt.
After all this time I still haven't moved up from level 25. Today. Maybe it will change. I returned the day with my latest post about coffee flowers. What I show is that it is crisp from the forerunner of coffee which will later become a coffee fruit. After experiencing a long process. This will be a cup of drink served on your dining table. In stalls and restaurants.

This is how excited I was last year when STEEM was at peak !
The biological function of flowers is a sexual organ, as a container for connecting male genes (microspores) (makrospora) to produce seeds. That flowers are analogous to sexual organs in animals that have only been scientifically realized.
adiwangure gese
All fans of esteemit.
after two days I was waiting for Esteemit to fill in (Resource Credits) and
Vote Weight
15 SP 2.23 + 12.9 SP Voting Mana

Today I am happy and can do my activities for creativity in esteemit.
this is the result of filling it.
hello .... steemian
tonight I show pink flowers with four simple flower variants.
this photo was taken by @anandafaris
langsa city (East Aceh)

Bitcoin is Still at an Early Stage: If You Hold 0.28 BTC, You’re Part of the 1%
creativity sometimes requires a mindset that is very time-consuming to imagine and get the picture in a real reality.
like photography. not just snap ... the photo around us. we must adjust what moment we want to make.
Cempokak is a type of fruit plant that has seeds and is almost like chili seeds. But, it has a tree and high durability to grow in all types of weather.
Wild flowers are found in the ISAQ area in Central Aceh district. This area is the route of traffic to LOYANG KAMING attractions. This flower grows around the area. if we see it. It looks simple from this flower shape. This unique flower has a color variant that mixes with elegant white and red. But not all regions have this wild flower plant.

Hai, teman saya @yoo1900 Seperti yang kita lihat kupu-kupu ini sangat unik dan cantik, dan di postingan saya ini ada dua jenis kupu-kupu mohon di periksa.


![image]() #### recently I have posted a new post, please visit who knows my post is interesting, I am very happy to be able to follow your contest my best friend @yoo1900


thanks you my love @yoo1900

I'm a person who likes to keep it clean, but it's not always I'm good at tidying up. After the man told me this simple rule, I have always cleaned up in my apartment if I have felt frustrated or bored.

I do SH posts and some other posts about Turkey my country :D

Congratulations to the winners. I would like to share my post to get some support.

It's been quite some time working on steemit. At the beginning I thought that we could do easily but in time I discovered that we here really have to work seriously and bring quality posts to climb step by step and succeed.

The feeling to win the upvote is amazing & i am sure everyone who win this contest, will feel the same.

Legends don't run from taking risks, if they win they become legends, if they loose, they learn something new.

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