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RE: Support minnows , Date 21.4.2018 promote content on Steemit

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Hey @yoo1900

this is the latest post, about macro photography..


@yoo1900 I want to appreciate for the help you are giving to minnows, you are a rare gem that has impacted and given lots of people hope not to give up on steemit and life. I have been doing same thing in the offline minnow school but I don't have the finance so I motivate them with words but I felt that's not enough so I came up with a new idea which is to compile a list of all the top and trending contest that minnows can benefit from, I dropped the list today.
Thanks for your unending generosity for the minnows, you are a true leader @yoo1900

Congrats to the winners and special thanks to @yoo1900 for his support for minnows
Here is a poem I wrote you would surely love it. I hope I am lucky today I have never received an upvote from you

I have seen links you share @semi23, and I really like the photos you share

Thank you so much for seeing my blog @hitam-putih

Good day to y'all. Thanks @yoo1900 for this wonderful initiative. Heres the link to my recent post.

beautiful butterfly, I love photography @semi23

Thank you @sport7, I'm happy if you like it

nice photography @semi23..

I like the contents of your blog.

thank you @steemis
I'm happy if you like my post..

I have seen your post your post content is very interesting @semi23

thank you for visiting my blog @aplikasi

wow i like your photography very bright @semi23

thanks. thank goodness if you like the post that I share

Congratulations to the winner. Here's my link

I trust I would be thank.

@ semi23I really like your posts, because the contents of the post are simple and clear

thank you @mototeng for your appreciation