Winners Announcement For 3rd October 2018 - Super 8 Ball Club - The Multiplayer Pool Game - Powered by STEEM Blockchain

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Congratulations! We've just finished the manual verification of the gaming activity of those who requested for shares conversion into SBD/STEEM through Super8BallClub game. The total number of requested shares are 25403.

We use the following formula to calculate your rewards percentage from our total reward pool:

Your requested shares / Total number of shares requested by all players * 100 = Your rewards percentage

Transparency Report:

You can find the complete in-game data of each winner along with all their matches that were played in Super 8 Ball Club V2. All the in-game shot-to-shot details are available in each row. In the "Match Details" column, the information wrapped in [ ] is related to the opponent and the information that is not wrapped and only separated by comma is related to the winner of the match.

Here's the spreadsheet: Click here

Note: Matches that were cancelled are colored in red. The cancellation occurs due to various reasons. Users who are displayed in red are not necessarily the abusers.

The following players are eligible for rewards:

UsernameWinning DetailsShares%
@ononnaislamWon 16 matches in Sydney, 50 matches in Moscow, 70 matches in Tokyo, 19 matches in Las Vegas7832 shares requested30.83%
@mafaldationWon 1 match in London, 9 matches in Sydney, 17 matches in Moscow, 44 matches in Tokyo, 21 match in Las Vegas5415 shares requested21.32%
@abcde1607Won 1 match in Moscow, 10 matches in Tokyo, 1 match in Las Vegas, 1 match in Jakarta1710 shares requested6.73%
@imransooryWon 38 matches in Moscow, 26 matches in Tokyo1680 shares requested6.61%
@mursal-bireuenWon 3 matches in Moscow, 14 matches in Tokyo, 3 matches in Las Vegas1332 shares requested5.24%
@asadpannuWon 3 matches in Sydney, 6 matches in Moscow, 17 matches in Tokyo, 1 match in Las Vegas1116 shares requested4.39%
@fahim123Won 4 matches in Moscow, 20 matches in Tokyo1040 shares requested4.09%
@mohammadivanWon 16 matches in Moscow, 5 matches in Tokyo, 3 matches in Las Vegas1010 shares requested3.98%
@leumoWon 1 match in Sydney, 33 matches in Moscow, 9 matches in Tokyo, 1 match in Las Vegas978 shares requested3.85%
@tfq86Won 15 matches in Moscow750 shares requested2.95%
@pardinusWon 19 matches in Moscow, 6 matches in Tokyo464 shares requested1.83%
@onolhassanWon 5 matches in Tokyo, 1 match in Las Vegas450 shares requested1.77%
@zarmanizawlinnWon 8 matches in Tokyo400 shares requested1.57%
@fahimmostofaWon 5 matches in Moscow, 6 matches in Tokyo342 shares requested1.35%
@islahuddinWon 4 matches in Moscow, 5 matches in Tokyo290 shares requested1.14%
@wordsmith777Won 6 matches in Moscow, 4 matches in Tokyo260 shares requested1.02%
@robiuldewanWon 4 matches in Sydney, 12 matches in Moscow114 shares requested0.45%
@billionaireheinWon 2 matches in Tokyo100 shares requested0.39%
@phyokyawWon 1 match in Moscow, 1 match in Tokyo60 shares requested0.24%
@shabana1234Won 1 match in Tokyo50 shares requested0.20%
@rana19841Won 1 match in Moscow10 shares requested0.04%

Their payouts are being processed.

Want to see your fellow steemians in action? Come join the club today. Download Super8BallClub from Play Store. Win the matches to earn STEEM/SBD and lose nothing when otherwise. Powered by STEEM Blockchain. For more information, please read our announcement.


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