Suits finale on Wednesday - what to expect?

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After nine seasons of Suits, the story will come to an end on this coming Wednesday as Suits season 9 episode 10 will air on the USA Network in the United States. I can't say anything else, than that I look very much forward to the end and to find out how they will make the story come to an end.

I didn't watch Suits for many seasons, but I decided to jump back into the story for the final season. I haven't regretted that. It took me one episode to get back on track with the story, but since then, I have enjoyed the episodes quite a lot. It has taken me on a rollercoaster of feelings, and it has been an interesting one. The fact that they got a "new" leader for the company made things turn upside down, and it has made me sympathize both with the new leader (Faye) and with the managing partners of the company.

I looked so much forward to see Mike Ross return to the show, but his first entry didn't really make me happy at all. He then returned to the show for the ninth episode. I had mixed feelings about that, but I have a feeling it will all get back on track for the last episode. At least, that is my feelings based on the promo for the last episode. It would feel terrible if the final season would end with a grudge between Harvey and Mike, but I am quite sure that the script will make them better friends than ever as the story comes to an end.

What to expect from the Suits series finale?

If you take a look at the promo, we can clearly see that Harvey and Mike seems to work together on a con-plan, something that will trick the world, and most likely, Faye Richardson. There will also be a wedding for Louis Litt, and the managing partners seems to be all friends again. This all sounds and looks promising, and I cannot wait to stream the final episode on Wednesday. Well, I will most likely not stream it on Wednesday, after all, it is night in Europe when they stream it in the United States. So, I might wait until Friday morning when I can stream it on Netflix, but that is the longest I can manage to wait for the Suits finale.

It has been a worthy final season, and I am glad I jumped back in to be a part of this. Considering the success of watching the final season of Suits, I might actually do the same with Game of Thrones. I stopped somewhere in the middle of season 3, but right now I am considering just jumping to watch the eight and the final season to see how the story came to an end.

Have any of you been watching Suits season 9? Are you satisfied with the final season? I would love to hear some of your thoughts. There have been some ups and downs, but all in all, I have enjoyed the final season and almost feel sorry about the story coming to an end. I must also say that Mike Ross is a breath of fresh air. I like his humor and his mind, and even though I disliked it as he and Harvey had to stand up against one another in the fifth episode, I still liked the fact that he returned.

Faye seemed fair for quite a long time to me, but in the most recent episodes, she has shown that she isn't nice and that she clearly wants to destroy things for the managing partners and especially for Harvey. But, she has also been an interesting character that I have enjoyed the presence of in the final season.

If you haven't seen any Suits episodes yet...

If you haven't seen any Suits episodes yet and want to give it a try, you can stream the first 7 or 8 seasons in most Netflix regions out there. The first episode is the most brilliant of them all, especially the first 15 minutes of the first episode. For more information on how you can watch Suits season 9 on Netflix as well, click the link, or check my Suits Netflix streaming guide here on Steemit.

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