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This may be for you, this may be for someone you know, this maybe for someone you don’t even know is out there. SHARE THIS…it is very possible someone needs it and you don’t even know it

I know you’re out there

I’ve been where you’re at


Suicide emergency instructions

“Suicide isn’t the answer.”

You hear that a lot, usually from people who have zero idea what you are going through. I know what you’re going through, so I’m NOT going to tell you that.

I’m going to tell you the truth…no one knows if it’s the answer, but there is only one irreversible way to find out that it isn’t.

Assuming your life has led you to the point where you are ready to find out, we can also assume based on your judgment, luck or the way the dice are rolling for you, that anything you do is probably going to turnout badly. SO …doing something irreversible that’s bad …would be bad, and irreversible. You’re at the dark, bleak, painful rock bottom. You are at the lowest emotional point man is capable of reaching, accept the fact… that because of all this, your head is not in the game and there may be variables you’re not considering that could be made worse. If you’re life went to hell while you were in charge of it…you are clearly not qualified to decide if this is a good time to end it.

So, what about that gut wrenching pain that you cannot shake? That isn’t going away and needs to be dealt with NOW?

Here are some things to try to ease it long enough to get your head together.

1-do anything you want. Quit smoking three years ago? fuck it, smoke a cigarette. Eat a cheeseburger that’s full of cholesterol. spend your last 9 dollars on a movie…or sneak in. do something, anything. Something small…and enjoy it. Enjoy it as though it’s the last time you will ever do it. Because that’s what we are talking about here right? Do some small thing that you enjoy as though it’s the last time and realize how great that small thing is…and realize you can do it again tomorrow.

2- Vent…to anyone. Call someone and vent, cry, scream. Is it 3:00 am? Who gives a fuck, wake someone up…because you can bet your ass that person you are afraid to wake up will be the first asshole at your funeral lamenting that they wished they could have done something.

3- Get the fuck out of the house. Don’t stay isolated with dark thoughts in a place where there is no one around as a contrast. Get out and go to a store, a fast food restaurant. Don’t have any money? Fuck it, order a water and sit there, Go to a library, go somewhere crowded…if nothing else, the noise, the obnoxious superficial problems you overhear against your will, will at least get you annoyed at your fellow man instead of focused on your own problems.

4-Get in an argument. I don’t mean something meaningful and emotionally draining …I mean some silly flame war on the internet. You’ll full of anxiety, and while it feels like you are drained and exhausted, you’re actually full of energy that you have no outlet for. Your engine is overheating and stalling out. You have to burn out the fuel. Get on the internet and argue about Rutherford B Hayes or sponge bob square pants being better than Ren and Stimpy. Argue and get into over something. Use up that energy on something that isn’t going to keep you focused on what brought you to this point.

5- Laugh. Find something that makes you laugh and watch it. Don’t turn on some sad music, or a movie that’s going to help you pick at the wounds. Find something that will force a laugh out of you.

this May help…

Rinse …repeat. You can always kill yourself later…you can always kill yourself later…you can always kill yourself LATER. You will always have that option, until you use it. You might as well just do one more thing…and one more thing…

See you tomorrow.



Thanks, yeah the holidays are a great time to commit suicide thanks for the advice!

Naw, just trolling, nice post...Really best anti-suicide propaganda I read in a long time, another cool thing you can do is to just get a ticket for your last money to some crazy tropical country where you can sleep outside and just see how long you can survive there, I guess it could be seen as a slower form of suicide depending on where you go. But you might be surprised find a 1-up mushroom and come home with a princess/prince.

Im following you and Im now resteeming this...


All sounds advice. I had a childhood friend take him life several years back. It’s an awful experience and I feel terrible that he lives with such pain and sorrow inside. Yet I also understand to a degree. Nobody knows just what it’s like for someone else. We can all imagine and think that we understand but we have no clue what is going on inside someone. Not condoning it at all...just saying a part of me really understands having been in that deep of darkness before.

yes, people assume for whatever reason it is some spark or moment of disrepair, but it's as you said - living with pain and sorrow- it is a constant slog that some people eventually decide they just cannot endure

all too true...

If in UK, call 111. NOW.

This is like a 999 emergency number, but non-emergency. They won't send an ambulance, but will point you to a specialist quickly, like now. They support languages. They are waiting for you to tell them you need help. They will help.

Call 111.

Good advice and info to have out there, thanks!

I have learned a thing about suicide: it doesn't end the pain. It just forces it on someone else.

Someone that loves you, maybe someone you don't even know. The worst pain I have felt was over someone I love. I would not cause them to suffer what I did.

I am glad today I did not.


That makes a lot of sense, but sometimes you just want to show all those narcissistic assholes what they accomplished, by years of bullying and tearing your shit down...

Look your award for your persistent and hard work is splattered all over the bedroom wall!

And some people don't have a single freaking person that loves them, not even family...
I guess that is where "social-responsibility" comes in to play, like maybe talk to that weird lonely person, say something nice, become friends with someone who has all odds against him/her...
I don't know... Maybe stop being an asshole to someone you hate in your family for that unforgivable bla bla bla that happened when you where kids, etc . etc. just let them go?


We are but small minded meatbags, and there's far more we don't know than we do. This includes who does or does not love us. I doubt there is anyone in the world utterly unloved, though I am absolutely certain there are innumerable people that feel they are.

I have spent months at a stretch alone in the woods, expecting that no one at all would miss me.

I was astounded by who did upon my return.

It wasn't the likely suspects even. Certainly no one of the family I was born into.

Someone will receive all the pain. Ending your pain just hands it to another to bear.

This brings to mind that there are people that are probably unaware how much you care about them. There is no better time to reach out and let them know they are loved.


Thats a nice story but some people are not loved, (sorry to break your romantic dream), also there is something called "malignant narcissism" so it might appear as someone or some people love you because of this, you seem "loved" and such but you are really just a victim.

This does not how ever inhibit a unloved person from finding new real love and new friendships/relationships, but it's hard. It might not work out with your family and so-called friends, but you can find a new group of people who actually love you and respect you for what you are.


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Sharing your post. There is so much people can use from this. I don't know anyone but if I can help get it out there ,that will just help 1 person get out of the dark, then this post will be a miracle for that one and more to come.

Lots of respect to you!

Yeah, this is some real stuff... Spread it around, cause you never know...

It's my thinking that people can find their way out of the dark...if given enough time to reset themselves. Hopefully some of the things I mentioned help.

You are right. Especially with having the right people surrounding them too. I hope it helps as well.

It's a great gift to be able to put in to words what can actually help people through the worst of the worst times.
Always, it seems it has to be someone who has been there. In a way it's an expansion of consciousness, having experienced something, that gives us the ability to connect with compassion and reality to others experiencing something similar.
I have lost very good friends to suicide, and have had ideation in the past myself. Never a plan, nor seemed to have the will to do it, so I am not sure I could have ever found the right words to help my friends who are now gone. I appreciate this post very much.
This is a great post, resteemed, thank you.

Xx ToL

Sorry about your buddies, I also had a fair share of friends and well people I grew up with who just wanted to end it all, and so they did... R.I.P.


Thanks Fenix, same to you. It's never easy and not something you just grieve your way through. For whatever reason, it's seemingly a different process.

We are most probably traumatized for life by that and a bunch of things, but hey you have to keep on swimming or you'll drown....


I'm not one to say it's a hard and fast rule that you have to have been through something to understand it...but it sure helps. I put the things that helped me into words as best I could, in the hope it gives others a semblance of a roadmap out of the despair.

People always seem to have an opinion on suicide like weak etc. while they grew up with love and support and never have to deal with depression or any darkness and just make the suicidal person even more lonely and weak....

It's good that you talk about this heavy topic everyone likes to avoid. And yes distraction helps. Depressed people see the reality not as it is so getting out of it (by distraction) can be a small step in the right direction.

Another step would be to find professional help ;)

It's profound ignorance thinking it is weakness, if the person called them every single time they felt emotional pain throughout the day, they would have a different view and better understanding. It's having 400 pounds on your back and going uphill in mud...and eventually falling down. That's not weakness.

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