Clayboyn's Curation Corner 12/6/18

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Welcome to another week of philosophy and psychology themed curation from around the chain. Each post will be upvoted by the @msp-curation trail and one post will be selected to be resteemed and featured by the official @minnowsupport account's weekly curation post. Please click through and support our featured authors to help us keep quality content creators on the platform.


My first pick this week comes from @arseniclullaby. The author offers tools to avoid choosing a permanent solution to a temporary problem and as someone who has been there personally and been there for others on the edge, I can assure you it's a much more prevalent problem in our society than many would believe.


Next up @soundwavesphoton shares a comic and his thoughts on the topic of taking ownership of our own minds. It's a pretty good read and the comic is great too. Check it out!


@zen-art wrote an awesome post about living our lives to their fullest potential. There's a lot of good wisdom in this post about managing our expectations and getting the most out of life.


This post from @foxyspirit is a good motivational piece. It discusses feelings that I associate with depression and finding the will to break down that barrier and establish a support group. Great post!


My final pick this week may seem a bit random, but bare with me. If you haven't heard any of @thomasrobertgent's music, then you probably should. He has some great philosophical pieces like Cognitive Dissonance and The Nature of the Cage too. This collaboration is great and features a few of our local Steemians. I hope you like metal, because it's definitely metal.

Thanks to everyone for your time and consideration this week. One last reminder to please support the featured authors/artists. Much love. Namaste.

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