How I Stay Productive On A Daily Basis 💪

in success •  5 months ago

Hey everyone, today I'd like to talk about one of the main things I do to stay productive everyday. I've almost become unconscious that I do this because it's so routine to me now, but I really believe that having a to do list and regularly reviewing it is a key component to staying productive and on task.

It's the simplest things day in day out that makes all the difference in the long run.

Let me know what you think!

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Thanks :) Hope it helps

Hi @scottcbusiness,

When I have things I need to do for the day or week, I do write it down in my phone sometimes and it helps, but I don't benefit from daily to-do-lists.

I have tried to follow daily to-do-lists throughout my life but it never panned out. I don't think it was ever due to a lack of discipline, instead, I think it is just against my nature.

I am more about freedom and figuring out what to do in a moment-by-moment basis and dislike structure for the most part. mentioned this is my profile (ENFP-A) and I think it is mostly true.

~ @chrisrice


Fair enough, it's not for everyone, it's just what I do and wanted to share my experience :) Everyone needs to have their own cadence


Yeah @scottcbusiness I think most people can benefit from you sharing your experience, and I kind of think that the people who don't benefit from daily to-do-lists are rare.

Here is the app I was using before:

great post


Thanks so much! :)

Nice idea, sir. I am learning thr crannies of steemit and i find your post enligtening. I hope to win SBD soon. Thanks


Thanks! I've got a bunch of educational posts about steem too :) Feel free to check them out.

Sometimes I think I need to make a list, then I wonder if I'd end up staring at the list as much as I do at the projects that need to be done.


haha, just try it! It really makes the difference even if the only change it has is that you are more consciously aware of the things you need to do

hello @scottcbusiness thank you for your donor seems it was late thanks but thank you so much ..


Hey you are most welcome :)

Although there are many different approach a person can follow, trying to discipline yourself is the best to stay on track. :)


I totally agree with you


... but it totally depends on the person. You know what I mean. :)


Yeah I know what you mean

This will help me, since I have that problem, thank you very much :)


Awesome, glad I could help!

Would be lost without my scheduler. 😎



Haha true, idk what I'd do