My New Plan to Grow my Crypto Assets

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Hello Steemit

I normally talk about things in the spiritual and metaphysical realm, but today I want to talk about crypto currencies. The reason for this is well, that's why we are here right? To partake in a new financial system that is less like the old. And to quit our jobs and become a new generation of abundance and peace (right!? 😂)

For me a big part of Steemit is my goal of having freedom and abundance. Freedom to not work a conventional job, so that I can travel around and spend time on homesteads and organic farms. And just generally learn about life and invest in retreats and communities who are building the new world!

If we can be honest then we can admit to ourselves that we would love the freedom to do amazing things, like eat fresh fruit all day long, get the therapies our broken bodies need, do ayahuasca ceremonies, learn about sustainable living, do yoga retreats, and all of the cool things that make us happy and grow. Things that light you up! That's what we should be living, let's not compromise so much.


Obligatory picture of stock figures adding authority to what I am saying (

With a definite purpose it helps to keep me focussed. Steemit is a kind of first foray for me into creating content, and also into the world of crypto. I would like to think that crypto currency its self could be a way to have an income without being indebted to an employer - working a conventional job seems like such a waste of time and resources. I have worked for long enough to know that it's a terribly inefficient system, everyones time and resources get wasted. I don't mind contributing, but working in most jobs is not the kind of contribution that the world needs!

Cryptocurrency - can it be a way to support ourselves without doing needless work?

I want to venture into the morality of the whole thing for a moment. As I have talked to one friend who did not like the idea of just making money for 'no reason' except getting in early, or simply buying and selling digital assets. I could see where he was coming from, but personally I don't think it's wrong to liberate ourselves financially so that we can be more free to leave these societies and become a fluid part of the new ways of being that are emerging.

Crypto is a transition, it's definitely not perfect. It's still currency, and has the potential for so many abuses. But if it's available to me, then I am going to use it to get out of the game, travel, contribute, and help set up homesteads and the like. If crypto continues to get bigger and bigger then it will have been a wise decision to invest heavily now with time or fiat or both. I am following some cool blogs such as @kennyskitchen and @flauwy. These guys I really admire how they contribute, and they seem to be living from the crypto such as Steem. So it's inspired me to aim for that life.


This came up on when I searched for abundance, so why not? (

I want to see if it will work. The only way to do that is to commit, and to keep re-committing, and to continually find new and diverse ways to make it work.

I caught a very informative post from @practicalthought which you can find here.

That post led me to another Steemian called @quickfingersluc and I found this video explaining how the trading game works for a small timer such as myself.

With not very much starting funds (I have somewhere between 500-1000 USD in crypto now) I plan to grow it into something valuable which can allow me the freedom to live more fully. My initial strategy is doing relatively fast day trades with the more volatile currencies. One of these currencies is Manna. I absolutely love Manna because it's a universal basic income project, and that is something that would be awesome if it became widespread and effective! Think of the social implications, the control of financial institutions will be totally undermined. Allowing those in need to have at least enough currency to purchase necessities.

Being a lower ranked coin which is very new, Manna's price is quite volatile or 'whippy' (as @quickfingersluc calls it) meaning that we can make small increases by buying and selling regularly and following a pattern. This is the strategy that I learned from that video, for growing a small account into something bigger. And when we get bigger we can use those larger sums for different or more effective strategies, and to also reinvest into things like Steemit which help our fellow beings.

If you aren't in the know Mannabase or simply Manna is a token that you can sign up for and each week you will get free tokens. That's it, you get free money to do whatever you want with.

(image from

If you want to check it here is a link:
Let me be 100% honest - this link is a referral for me, and I will presumably get a few free coins if you use it. I'm not 100% sure how it works - I haven't actually referred anyone yet. Anyhow it's up to you, you could just google mannabase and do that, but why not hook a brother up with some free tokens? Perhaps then you can post your own referral link and the good juju will come back.

This is not really my point though, the reason I am looking at Manna; besides it being an awesome initiative, is that it is highly volatile. And we can use these almost daily rises and falls to make small trades of around 30 percent of a set amount we decide to invest. Purportedly the crypto markets are very predictable like this, so why not give it a go? I am on the look out for other coins that are highly volatile so that I can use the same strategy to 'get free coins' if you will.

I am going to keep a track of this project with blog posts and we can see how this micro investment works out together. I will use the tag #microinvestment to make it easier to find.

Using an exchange called southxchange I transferred in 0.005 bitcoin today, and used approx 30 percent of that to buy 2000 Manna coins. Depending on where the price heads we will see whether I buy more or sell. Always in those 30 percent increments. That's the strategy in it's entirety.

The current price for Manna is at about 0.005 USD and 0.00000066 BTC. (that's six zeroes followed by two sixes, creepy stuff 😂)

Excited to see how this project goes, and whether just anyone, even someone with no idea what they are doing (me) - can make a consistent profit.

I wish you all much abundance and joy in your life

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Hey, thanks for the mention, and glad you found QFL videos helpful. I made a few successful trades on the Mana coin before it hit a downturn and caught me. I got out with a small profit and was able to get back into the coin I am more interested in. it isn't as whippy on Binance, but it will still work there.

Good luck and I can't wait to read of your progress. If I could get over my fear of Hitbtc I would do much more with Mana.

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let's create a new economy. Nice to have you on board!
Greetings :)


Thanks for stopping by @cryptowani. Yes let's!