The Goal Should Be....$2.74 A Day!

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Here's another sneak peek into some training material we will be featuring within the SteemSavvy platform....

This is actually a lesson I've been teaching in my online businesses for the better part of a decade, but it translates perfectly into SteemSavvy. We understand the power of engagement, and we believe in this blockchain more than anything else online...However if people don't have strong game plans laid out before they begin the journey, they may quit before they see success.

So we're going to break down a plan for building long term success by taking small steps forward on STEEM!

One look at the trending page and you can get discouraged....

The top three trending posts have payouts that look something like this;

steem trending

Man...That's a whole lot of STEEM love!

And you start looking at your payouts and they end up looking like this...

Wow...So much for an early retirement huh? And without using promotional services like the bots, it may take a decade to reach those kind of payout levels lol

So what can we do...

What should we be aiming for every day?

Remember, the key is to engage and add value daily. That's what you can control. And good things will come to those that do this STEEM thing the right way...However instead of trying to hit 500 bucks in payouts, let's start small...Set our focus on an achievable goal that is within reach and that we can build upon.

Here's my thougths...

Shoot for a target payment of $2.74 every day in both author and curator rewards!

That seems like a very reachable target and here's what is so powerful about that number...

$2.74 x 365 days a year = $1000.10

Look at that!

That's a four figure yearly salary for...Using social media!

And while that doesn't seem like much, I know I could use an extra grand in my pocket every year! But here's the real power in this plan...

After you learn how to build your content up to where it's paying you $2.74 a day, you learn to make 5 bucks a day. And then 10...And eventually another target...


Hmmmm...Do the math on that now....

$27.40 x 365 days a year = $10000.10

Now we've hit a 5 figure salary by continuing to add value and create engaging content on a SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM!!!

Heck why not bump it up to $274.00....Oh man, now we're making six figures....!!!!

But do you see what is important with this plan...We aren't reaching! We are not getting discouraged by the lack of $500 post payouts in our own content. We're aiming for a VERY achievable goal. That we CAN hit with some elbow grease and persistence.

And with these small wins, 3 bucks today, 4 bucks tomorrow...We are gaining the confidence to GROW on this platform...

Look there is no guarantee that you will hit $274 a day in post payouts...But I do know that you will feel discouraged if that's your goal next week!

Let's build our accounts here slowly and steadily...and over time, maybe we'll be on that trending page by giving massive value and engaging with the community every day!

Thanks for reading and visiting my blog!.png

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Yes, Jon. that's it. Start with small goals, reach them and you will be satisfied and motivated for the next higher goals.


yessir. as they say. slow and steady wins the race.

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You taught me this many years ago and it worked for me. It kept me on track. I am glad to see it adapted to SteemSavvy

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yessir. it’ll be a big part of the training for sure.

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I have seen this formula before my friend! It works and that is what everyone needs to know. My friend @carlosmarin teaches a similar principal. Your mind can't fathom hitting double your income... but, if you break it down into smaller goals before you know it can and will be doubled. Having the right mindset is the key here! If you think you can't do it... well you won't do it! If you think you can do it... well you will do it! Once you set your mind to do it ... guess what you have done it! So think it bite size chunks... and bam you are off and running! There is my value as in the value of the 2nd line of the 2nd payout! :)


yup. great point. the smaller goals get you fired up to grow more. if we take on too much, we may just give up.

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Yes exactly what I as getting at! I heads just can't wrap around the fact we can do it if we have never done it before!

I love the energy in this post, it is realistic and I believe those goals are there space for one more steemian?


appreciated :) absolutely. always room for more steemians.

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You know, I actually really dig this theory

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thanks man. been training people on this concept for years. figures it fits perfectly here on steem.

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Yes, absolutely. Working your way up to bigger and better payouts while enhancing your content creation skills is a good plan. None of us are going to be rockstars right out of the gate. (I mean, unless you’re Gary V) ((he really needs to jump on Steem BTW)) But anyways, I like your plan here, Jon. I started out having no clue and it took me about 4 months to make the headway I wanted to see. The first Steem Creators event propelled me forward and I haven’t stopped since. If new users can take your advice and also make it to live events, they will be well on their way to exiting times on this platform 😎

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for sure man. it’s slow and steady growth and something everyone can shoot for. very doable and achievable for all.

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Oh jeeze Jon. What a great deal. That's a serious adaptation of an old classic! Really nice.


i even gave it an extra penny ;)

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you are right in what you propose, very educational your publication, I am already following you, really thank you for opening my mind with this content this is my discord in case you ever want to chat with me lupee # 0719 I hope you can take into account my humble comment

It's one basic principle behind goal setting: set achievable goals. And if you have a big scary goal, break it down into smaller ones, which are achievable.

You've put these numbers in front of people for years to encourage them to think at the very next step, which is far less scarier and achievable with smart work and consistency. Then, one can jump to the next level easier, it won't feel such a big gap.


yup. amazing what we can accomplish when we achieve small goals and they start adding up.

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