How Important Is It to Think About the Odds of Success?

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Hi, dear friends!

In this blog post we are going to talk about a very important factor when it comes to our efforts towards success and achieving our goals.

The odds of success are an important bit of information when it comes to working hard for something.

When a cause is improbable, people tend to push it aside and focus on things that may be more fruitful in the long term; things that have proven to lead us to success!

But if we were to think like that, we would have forsaken our dreams a long time ago.

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The worst-case scenario of thinking about the odds of success for an entrepreneur or a dreamer comes from sticking to traditional values of society.

For instance, a person who is passionate about a career in arts might be discouraged by her parents or relatives because the art industry is not stable and professionally adjusted to certifiable expertise.

An entrepreneur who thinks that he should follow his own path and find his footing in the world of business might be pressured to go to the university and get his presumably useless degree.

What’s even worse is when these people start to believe the negative voice of the world surrounding them and decide to let go of their dreams for the sake of sticking to the safe and reliable road.

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But here is the thing: Your imaginations and dreams may be too much to bear for the people close to you, but have you ever looked at the lives of successful people?

It is true that most of them had a vision, but if you ask them directly, they would say that what they achieved in the end merely resembled their vision.

To the person who says, ‘This is not going to go the way you think!’ I can only reply: You are absolutely right.

It isn’t going to go exactly like you imagine, but if you have courage and determination, the result will be damn close to your original vision.

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Did the CEO of Google think that he would achieve success on this scale? Probably not. He did not even foresee many things that have happened over the years.

What we can say for sure is that he was brave enough to go for it when everyone else was skeptical of everything he did.

Things may not have turned out exactly like he imagined, but they turned out quite well. So, one should not really think about the odds of success.

It doesn’t matter if there is even a really small chance of success.

Those are the only battles worth fighting! If you wanted a safer and easier path with more chance of success, you could have just gone for what everybody else is doing!

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You should be wary of the odds of success, but you should not pay much heed to it. After all, a percentage of everything that happens in our life is reliant on chance and causality.

What would be worse, facing the pain of failure or the regret of never trying out something that could have very well worked?

The road is dreadful and dangerous.

The odds are inevitably against your desire and favor.

But hell, it will be the adventure of a lifetime!




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yes, the Google founder couldn't imagine at the time he started how huge his work will get.
So always think about your next goal after a success, never stand still.


Have a wonderful day

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The problem is we think to much, we have to live more, live more the moment, if we do that we are unstoppable, we are being able to concentrate, see the distractions and say Ok but I have to do this. And you'll see in fact there isn't any barrier between your confort zone and the outside of it, you realize it's only you that is making this barrier.

Have a great day and remember to live every second of your live!😜😜🤯

With all the love,

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I'm really gaining (and reaffirming), thought processes that I once thought were destined to be nothing more than 'pipe-dreams' towards my own personal success, regardless of the monetary value. I am enjoying these well written pieces as I feel they are bringing me a genuine sense of empowerment. Thank you @chbartist, finally created a YouTube account and now a subscriber. I will make my way through the back catalogue of info available, as time allows and contribute where I feel my input could be of constructive use. Would love to join the community you have built! Thanks again,

I will take this advice into account, I have stopped undertaking something, because they give me statistics and not very good probabilities, and then I do not continue. But it is true, many who dare regardless of the odds, are now in their success.

Saludos @chbartist sea cual sea el resultado de nuestros esfuerzos por tener éxito debemos hacerlo hoy, ayer ya paso y mañana no ha llegado, gracias por compartir tu punto de vista, feliz noche…

Success in life everyone wants but somebody faced difficult and some one's got easier.
Yes you are right here odds inevitably against your desire and favour but he'll, it will be the advantage life time.
I like this your opinion.

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This truly resonates with things we are all going through in trying to make something happen from unexplored territory. Great post! If you have the chance, check my first post out and share your experience as a member of the #steemitfam - what are some of the challenges you’ve faced? How has steemit made you take a step closer to your dreams!? Can’t wait to hear from everybody!

Excellent post @chbartist. Although the road is terrible and dangerous, it is well worth taking it and trying to reach the destination that represents our vision. I think that it is well worth trying because it is terrible to live with regret for not having made the effort to reach it.
Being successful does not mean that we have sometimes had failures. The most important thing is to take the learning of those negatives experiences.

Todos tenemos sueños pero alcanzarlos y para eso existe algo que se llama perseverancia. Necesitamos constancia y con un poco de suerte, además de saber llegar y estar donde debemos podemos lograr el éxito.

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It isn’t going to go exactly like you imagine, but if you have courage and determination, the result will be damn close to your original vision.

I guess often times its more than the original vision. It will surpass.


Interesting topic and nicely written, thanks.

True enough. The only person who is holding us back is ourselves. Amidst the negativity and criticism about our vision we are often discouraged by other people especially the ones we love that is why we just end up nothing.

Sometimes in our life we have to take a leap of faith.

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When you are happy about what you are doing in your life, when you know that your actions are making a better world, then you are a successful person. I would be happy to be in your list. thank you for your precious blog

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We will never know if we don't try and the fact that we do is often enough for motivation and drive to move us forward and improve our experiences in our journeys. If we aim high we can often enjoy many results that often would never occur without trying; both good and bad.

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