Sublime and Beautiful Day Sunday

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What a beautiful and sublime Sunday is today!

First thing in the morning is to have a look how the plants are doing on the balcony. I have a new one - dipladenia, thanks to my hubby who bought it yesterday.


It is hanging next to the strawberries.


Such a pleasure to pick up some strawberries for breakfast. I don't mind they are small. And the lemon is in front. Suprisingly the lemon is about to bloom for third time this summer.


Next thing to do is to walk the dogs. No matter the weather we are always out. Now the mornings are pleasantly warm and we took longer walk in the park.


However Penny needs to be carried as her legs are really getting bad and she is in pain if she walks longer.


Jade on the other hand did not stop bouncing around.


There are some fruit trees in the park and these sour apples (I assume they are sour) were next to the path.



I am not sure what that shrub is called but I like the fuzzy flower.


On our way back I saw the tree with bark that was peeling. Somehow this looks like letter N.


After finishing the chores we sat outside to play scrabble. After I lost miserably, twice, I was left to sunbathe. But I could not stand still and grabbed the camera to play with.

I live very close to the airport and I see the runway, the planes landing and taking off. The airport is small and summer is the only busy season because of the charter flights. Otherwise there are few regular flights throughout the year. I tried to capture the plane landing and here is the collage of images.


The day is almost over. Nice breeze is cooling down and the sun is not scorching hot. It would be another pleasant late afternoon walk with the dogs.

This post is for #beautifulsunday challenge, hosted by @ace108 and for #sublimesunday by @c0ff33a.


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These are our beautiful days, we repeat the same things but they are great pleasure.
Interesting the view you have on the airport, you have a great perspective. !trdo

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Thanks a lot!

Yeah, we have our rouitine and we like it.
Thank you very much for the tokens! 😀

My pleasure! I appreciate routine and habits and I don't like to change them.

Good you get some free strawberries early in the morning.

Strawberries are my favourite 😀

Looks like a very nice walk and the plants on your balcony are doing so well, thats a cool collage at the airport

Thanks! We enjoy our walks very much, even when it is cold it is nice to be out. Only when it is rainy it is not so pleasant. Even the dogs don't want to get wet.

I am the same I walk through tour the year and seasons rain is about the only thing that stops me as well

Those strawberries are looking sweeter by the day and your dogs look awesome i love there hair do they seem to have a good :)

My hubby is the groomer. He is doing the trimming every week. Sometimes they look odd, but their fur is growing constantly.

He is a good man and it sounds like he knows what he is doing :)

The strawberries that are small are usually the sweetest! You may or may not know that lemons will reproduce all year long. Some will have fruit, buds and flowers on the bush.

And the plant that you are wondering what it is? I think it is a Grevillea Cultivar and very beautiful!

What a nice view! Have a great day!


Always a pleasure when you visit my posts, Denise 😀
In fact I did not know the lemon is going to be as such - having buds, fruit and blossoms constantly. Which is great by the way.
Thank you very much for the tip. 😀

You are always welcome and I learned that about the lemon tree when I move some place and had one in my yard. Then I bought a small one for inside and found that it did the same thing. How delightful that was!

The tip is always my pleasure and I find myself having so little time to get around and visit everybody which is shameful because everybody is so kind to come and see me. So, just know that is not a slight but I am in the same Club as you probably with no extra time! I wish you a nice wonderful day!

Oh, the time is always short and I found myself having less a d less.

I totally understand that one!!!

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What a pleasant way to spend a Sunday Neli. I haven't had a game of scrabble for ages. I'd even be prepared to loose four games in a row, just for the pleasure of playing. 😄

It's lovely to see your plants thriving under your tender, loving care. And I think that close of Penny is gorgeous although it sad to hear that it is difficult for her to walk.

A cool plane collage too......lots of variety to enjoy with this post.

Thank you Trudee for your nice words.
Scrabble is very enjoyable and to make it even more interesting we changed the rules a bit. Like giving extra points if one has a word that is animal for example. And it is hard to compete with native English 😉😀

Penny is very old and her poor leggs are causing her more troubles recently, but she is small dog and easy to carry.

I am so glad you enjoyed viewing my post.

I've always enjoyed playing scrabble and cards, particularly 500. There are clubs handy to home but I find my artwork keeps me busy in between steemit and life. 😊

Penny is lucky to have you .......and vis a versa.

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