We Need Streemian Help! (Technical Support)

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We need some technical support for Streemian. Several others and I have just moved forward in the creation of @steemdeepthink, a community whose aim is to support quality content creators who write within the realm of the humanities: philosophy, education, literature, religion, etc.

The group is taking off quite well, but our original goal to create support through a Streemian curation trail is not working. We keep running into problems with the auto-upvoting features. We are looking for some help!

The Idea

Here was our plan:

  1. Create an account, @steemdeepthink, which is the public face of our group. People interested in joining forces to write would be supported by the curation trail feature of Streemian.

  2. The Streemian account is set to upvote users that are added in the fanbase feature; @steemdeepthink became a fan of each of our selected users. However, we didn't want all of their posts to get upvoted. Only posts with "deepthink" as one of the tags, so "deepthink" was added to the required tags field in the Streemian settings.

  3. @steemdeepthink though is a new account with very little Steem Power. We asked our supporters to follow @steemdeepthink's curation trail on Streemian.

In this way, the whole process would be automated. @steemdeepthink automatically upvotes specific users who post under "deepthink." Community members who follow @steemdeepthink's curation trail would follow suit and upvote as well.

This is how it is supposed to work with Streemian, right? I'm not missing anything?

The Problem

The problem is that the votes are not automatic. Sometimes @steemdeepthink upvotes, sometimes it doesn't. (Is this because "deepthink" needs to be the first tag?)

Or, when the initial upvote works as intended, @steemdeepthink ends up being the only one to vote. All the other users following as a curation trail do not follow along and upvote the same post.

What is going wrong?

The (Nonworking) Solutions

What we've tried so far:

  • We double checked that there is a green checkbox next to "Voting weight is sufficient for voting.
  • We leased some Steem Power to ensure that @steemdeepthink's upvote was worth at least $0.01.
  • We made sure we were officially registered as a trail on the Streemian site.
  • We've set up individual fans followed - changing upvote to different times after posting, changing the scale of votes, ensuring our tag was in place.
  • On the user's side, we've made sure we were following the curation trail of @steemdeepthink, played with the scale and max post age.

Nothing seems to work!

At this point, either we are missing a fundamental understanding of how Fanbase and Curation Trails work... or there is a bug.

Do any of you have experience with Streemian to give us some help?

Your support is much appreciated!!! Thanks!!!


I would like to be a part of deepthink, but when I sign up for streemian one login says "unsecured" in my browser, so I don't do that one. The other login doesn't accept my posting key..... I contacted streemian tech support to no avail.

hopefully there is a reasonable solution.

It sounds like you may be using your public instead of of private key?

To access your private posting key, log into your Steemit account. Select "Wallet" then "Permissions." What is first shown are all your public keys, that allow you to encrypt communication to the blockchain. Your private keys allow only those with access to decrypt (i.e. control) the transmitted communication. To get your private key, click on the toggle button on the right.

Also, one of our founding members, @snakiest, put together a document that explains Streemian to a new user. But this also assumes you have created your account.


It I also assumes Streemian is working!

I have created an account. but I could not logon with my key. I tried using my posting key. not the public hash value for it.

here is one way to login (or "unlock" streemian): http://app-account.streemian.com

the other way to "unlock" is via https://v2.steemconnect.com/authorize/@streemian
which I can see is https at least.... however....

I know I used the right key.

I e-mailed their tech support with no response. Hopefully this is a way to get a solution.

well, I guess I will not have a chance to join. I wish I knew who ran streemian so I could understand why I'm having these issues.

I'm hopeful things may get sorted out on their end within a week or so... We're still having the same problems too. You will want to check in then.

Until then, we're still accepting members, even though Streemian isn't working as intended. You can still be upvoted by the current members using the Fanbase.

Ok, thank you! I will drop in on chat later and say hello

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