DeepThink manual: How to join our curation

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The first list has been published.

New members


Old members


Main account


If you are one of the new members, please follow the manual to add everyone on the list above to your streemian fanbase.

If you are just a passer-by, please consider supporting us. If you would like to join, the application can be found on our Discord channel of using this link.

As you may know, @steemdeepthink will soon release the first list of designated authors. More information can be found here. Every approved author will be required to add other approved authors to the auto-vote feature on Streemian. The initial idea was to trail @steemdeepthink and let it manage the authors list so that the members would only need to follow and auto-vote DeepThink. However, it seems trailing on Streemian is not working properly. Until a better solution (or a resolution) comes up, everyone will be required to manually add each other to their auto-vote list. This is how to do it.


If you are not a designated member of the community but would like to help its cause, please consider adding the approved authors to your auto-vote list following the same manual below and using the most recent list of approved authors. See @steemdeepthink for updates.


Go to Streemian and register.

Go to your profile and verify your account. You will need 0.001 SBD for that.

From the dropdown menu at the top of the page called "Services", choose "Fanbase"

Type in the authors name and press enter. Each author must be added separately.

Set Delay Vote to 25 minutes and add "deepthink" (no capital letters!) to the "Required Tags" field. Feel free to change the settings in the blue box as you like.

That's all. Please watch @steemdeepthink for the first list of approved authors and further announcements concerning the future of DeepThink.

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