I want to describe an old person whom I know and Why is the person special?

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Blogger:Wasim Khan Sujon

Hi,all of my steemit friends how are you all today?I am fine .I am Wasim Khan Sujon.I am a Bangladeshi but I live in South korea.I am a steemit blogger .Today I want to share an old person whom I know and why is the person special?

By the term old person we mean people who are over sixty or older.In our country,the proportion of old people is increasing.I know many old persons.Among them I like to describe my next door neighbour.His name is Aslam Hossain bepary.He used to work for the geology department of Bangladesh Government. He had a long and distinguished career in government service.

After retiring from his job,he used to teach at a university part time.I have known him about 10 years.He is my next door neighbour.He lives at my next door.That,s how ,I met him .He is very generous and ready to give advice about everything.As he is retired from job he has plenty of free time.

Whenever I need some suggestion about any matter he is always available.He is special because of his many qualities.He is hardworking,honest,and generous.Also he has a vast amount of knowledge about many things.He is always very outspoken in his opinion.As he has been through many things in his life so he is very experienced about practical life.

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I am waiting for your next post.

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This is really awesome content my dear [email protected]

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I like in your post.

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No doubt we can get very good advice from old and experienced people who lead a long period of their life. They can support us better ..
Nice article

wow, you are great bro....curry on,,,,,Cheers! @wasimk87

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Hi steemyoda really you will do the better job.

dear @wasimk87
All your posts are good, which can be learned a lot,
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nice post

really nice post :) we should always be wise

I read your blog completely. You wrote it well. It is good to read your post.I appreciate your blog.I hope you will share a better post with us in the future.

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