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I left La Salle on Tuesday, August 21st, in the afternoon and drove to Binic, where my grandfather Henri have built a house around 1930.

The house is still in the family; it is owned nowadays by my first cousin Carole and her husband Didier.

27 Rue François Le Saulnier de Saint-Jouan, Binic-Etables, Côtes d'Armor
source: Google Maps Street View

When I was young, the names of the street, of the town and of the department were different. The address was: 27 rue de la Coudraie, Binic, Côtes du Nord.
En 2016, Binic had been merged with the nearby town Étables-sur-Mer.

On this picture, you can see the port and the town of Binic, with its two main beaches: the "Avant-Port" on the right and the "Banche" on the left of the port.
The marina with a capacity of 500 sailing boats did not exist in my youth.


I went to visit the two beaches. First the beach of "La Banche", where we were spending most of our time during our vacations. This was the beach for families.

The tide was low when I visited in the afternoon.


Another view of the "Banche".


The other beach, the "Avant-Port" (before the port) is smaller and there were more excitation there than on the "Banche".


Another view of the "Avant-Port", with the dike and the lighthouse.


I spent two nights in the house that my grandfather built and that Carole and Didier renovated. I was very happy to see the house again. The last time I was there was in 2005.

On this picture, we see Carole and Didier in front of the living-room. The small annex on the right, that my grandfather also built, is called the "blockhaus".


In Binic, I met physically for the first time Vincent Le Roy (@vincentleroy), one of the French Steemians that I translate into English.

He invited me in his house and even cooked a vegan lunch. I was very happy to meet him and to spend many hours talking together.

If I have time, I may go back to see Vincent and if possible to sail in his sailboat Plouf.


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Such Wonderful shots, really loved them and indeed a great post.

That is so awesome!!

Glad to see you having a nice vacation!! And visiting "home" and our ancestral homes is such a rich experience.


hi @vcelier
am surprised to see your name on my steemworld
as it's been a while but thank you
am sure glad to see your name again
and see that you're okay

I hope you are well to this day
and am late but I'd like to send my sincere condolences
for the passing of Marie - which I've just seen while going through your old posts just checking on in

I hope you're doing just fine
warm regards,


I'd like to send my sincere condolences for the passing of Marie

Thank you.

Yes, I am doing fine.


that's good to know

What a great looking beach. I can imagine my kids having a blast playing there. I especially like the shot from way above. What a great view from up there. Seems like you are having a great time visiting family!!!! Always so important.

Seven feet under the keel!

The pictures are amazing and the tranquility of the scenic beauty takes you to another world.

It looks very relaxed the beach, it must have been very exciting for you. Maybe it brought you many memories. God bless you friend.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful family history! Nice beaches with a lot of peace around it.